Flash: Heart of the Matter, Part 2

Season seven of The Flash reaches its end amid the chaos of the Godspeed war. We get a resolution to that, several allies working together, an old enemy coming back, and a nice little family scene at the end. To my surprise, there was no big cliffhanger, which the CW usually does on their season finales.

Flash: A Flash of the Lightning

   Last episode ended on a bummer of a note, as the Monitor dropped by to erase Nora’s goodbye message and bring grim tidings to Barry and Iris. There’s been a lot of advance buzz about the major crossover coming this winter, and this episode definitely contributes to the hype.

Flash: Enter Flashtime

Flash takes something of a break from the Thinker this week to deal with an entirely different threat in “Enter Flashtime.” It’s a better done story than many of them have been lately and it shows some interesting ideas.