Earth Prime 6: Hero’s Twilight

With the future of the Arrowverse in doubt, fans of the shows and shared universe need to potentially explore other ways to enjoy the characters. The Earth Prime series is a possible way to go, comic book adaptations of the shows that are, themselves, based on comic books.

Earth Prime #3: Legends of Tomorrow

The third issue is about the Legends of Tomorrow, and, as with the others, they take a different spin on things. Over the show’s seven seasons, a lot of characters have come and gone. Between the main story and the backups, we get to see almost all the Legends that have left the team.

Flash: Armageddon Part 4

The CW’s big crossover events are something that a lot of fans, me included, look forward to. Like so many other things, last year’s was cancelled due to complications from COVID. In part to try and make up for that, The Flash began season eight with a five-part event called Armageddon.

Flash: Armageddon, Part 1

Flash’s eighth season starts off with “Armageddon,” a five part event with each episode guest starring a hero from elsewhere in this world of heroes. Part one sets up the new status quo, introduces a new villain and some updated older ones, and puts things into motion.

Legends of Tomorrow: Seance and Sensibility

  Following up on the surprises at the end of “The Get Away,” things aren’t off to a great start for the team in “Séance and Sensibility.” The title is a fairly obvious pun, giving a hint of what’s to come. There are a lot of strange things in this episode, including a funeral, a…

Legends of Tomorrow: Lucha de Apuestas

   After what’s becoming the usual longer than normal mid-season hiatus, the Legends of Tomorrow return, taking the time-slot vacated by Black Lightning. It’s good to see the crew of misfits again, as they find ways to “screw things up for the better.”