Earth Prime #3: Legends of Tomorrow

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DC Comics is currently running a limited series set in the world of the Arrowverse. “Earth Prime” shows some behind the scenes stories about things that don’t fit the actual shows being aired, but are fun stories to read. I find the timing interesting, that they start the first comic book adaptations of the shows as the shows themselves are being cancelled. I’ve been enjoying the stories, and I hope they continue these. For those of us that enjoy the shows, it’s a way to continue the adventures of the characters we’ve come to love. The third issue is about the Legends of Tomorrow, and, as with the others, they take a different spin on things. Over the show’s seven seasons, a lot of characters have come and gone. Between the main story and the backups, we get to see almost all the Legends that have left the team. Please note: left, not died. I can only think of two, which you could make the argument is one, that doesn’t return.

The main story (Ex-Legends of Tomorrow) involves a kidnapping that strikes home and unites a lot of former Legends. In addition to a sort of Beebo cameo (as there should be), we get to see the further adventures of: Ray Palmer, Nora Darhk, Jefferson Jackson, Carter Hall and Kendra Saunders, Mick Rory, Kayla, and Mona Wu. It’s fun watching these characters interact, since they range from first episode to relatively recent shows. Jefferson, for example, gets a new heroic incarnation that pays homage to my favorite fallen Legend. There’s also some complications from various time traveling antics from the show, and some very amusing bits trying to catch the older characters up on more recent events. Fitting with the general theme of the series, there is lots of action and some amusing reveals as we see what’s actually going on.

There’s a brief story in the middle set in 2049 (a popular destination for the Legends and other time travelers) with the team reuniting, looking back on their careers and talking about their lives and, in some cases, kids, and then a big surprise that promises it will be continued. The final piece fleshes out something from the last episode of the show, letting us see what someone who got limited screentime was up to and watching them visit some places of note. There’s an explanation of why they did what they did, and a nod to a comic book character that didn’t make it into the season, and series, finale.

What I liked: I really enjoyed getting to see almost everyone again. Legends was always an ensemble show, and a lot of teammates have come and gone over time. They captured the tone of the show with action, humor, and characters that care about each other. I really hope they launch an ongoing series after the initial limited one, moving around the Arrowverse and expanding to include the surviving members of Team Arrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning, and Stargirl.

What I didn’t: It kind of made me feel the loss of the show a bit more. I get the way they told the story, but it would have been nice to see some of the Legends we’ve lost along the way. And more Beebo than just a cameo would be great.

This was fun, and I’ve enjoyed all of these stories so far. I’m giving this a 3.5 out of 5, and hope we get to see more stories in the future.