Jessica Jones: AKA I Have No Spleen

      In the first episode of the season, we saw a shocking attack on Jessica. The second followed Trish through the changes she’s been going through since Malus’ treatments starting showing their effects. For episode three, we shift back to Jessica and her injuries, summed up decently by the title “AKA I Have No Spleen.”

Jessica Jones: AKA The Perfect Burger

        Everyone’s favorite snarky, alcoholic, super-powered private investigator is back for her third and final season, as Netflix continues to finish off the partnership with Marvel. It’s a damn shame, considering the shows and the shared universe were fantastic, but nothing lasts forever. To quote a more famous Marvel hero, “Part of the journey is the end.”

Jessica Jones: AKA Ain’t We Got Fun

After the almost entirely flashback “I Want Your Cray Cray,” Jessica Jones returns to the present in “Ain’t We Got Fun?” the name of the song Alisa keeps (poorly) playing on the piano and a decent general comment on where all the characters are at this point.