Jessica Jones: AKA Hero Pants


Jeri is just really good at pissing people off

Last episode ended badly for Jessica, but then, a lot of them do. On the heels of Dorothy Walker’s brutal death, Jessica was confronted by some different NYPD Detectives than the ones she’s been dealing with, who come bearing the two bits of news: that Officer Nussbaumer has been killed, and that she’s a prime suspect. When she went to talk to him, he turned off his body camera, which the investigating police found suspicious. Jessica has a lot to do in “AKA Hero Pants.”

While the funeral home goes over Dorothy’s body, Jessica muses about people’s stories. When we actually get to see her, the police are searching her office/home, and Jessica is in full snark mode. Neither side likes the other much, and Jessica finally takes a call and walks out, telling the detectives to either arrest her or let her handle her call. It’s entirely possible Jessica would rather be dealing with the police than at the funeral home, helping Trish deal with Dorothy’s arrangements. Naturally, Dorothy made a lot of her choices ahead of time to control this, like everything else in her life. While Jessica finalizes arrangements, Trish goes out for air but gets the two cops that were at Jessica’s place earlier. After a lot of arguing and a passing mention of the episode title, Jessica goes to check on Erik and tells Trish to lay low.


At her office, Jeri gets an unexpected visitor as Kith comes in, thoroughly rattled. They discuss more of the problems the scandal around Peter is causing, and Jeri keeps doing what she can, and what Kith will let her, to help. Kith still isn’t happy with Jeri, and I don’t blame her. Kith gives a bit of background on the man causing her the most problems, and Jeri says she’ll turn her dirty tricks department loose on them. Never one to turn down a possible edge, Jeri tries to take advantage of the fact that Dorothy’s will is with her firm. While the police stakeout Jessica’s place, she muses on memories and looks for something for Dorothy’s memory board. Erik manages to slip inside, and she tells him a bit about what’s going on. Jessica is not in a trusting mood, but manages to prove to herself, at least, that Erik also didn’t kill Nussbaumer. The doubt isn’t helping their relationship, and Erik slips back out.


When morning comes, Jessica runs into Malcolm in the hall, and they update each other about a few things. Malcolm offers to help Jessica, which is about as well received as you’d expect from her at this point. Both expecting someone else, Jessica and Hogarth end up meeting, notionally about Dorothy’s will. The will is actually a surprise, with Dorothy making some unexpected bequests, including something nice for Jessica. After some back and forth, Jessica fires Jeri on Trish’s behalf (that must have felt good) and they part company. Back at the office, Gillian is not happy about how the cops are handling things, but still has some snark left over for Jessica. Malcolm comes in, and has some more information on Nussbaumer’s death. Jessica comes up with another plan to check Erik’s innocence, and then gets derailed by getting a call on Dorothy’s phone. News of her death hasn’t really gotten around yet. Malcolm goes home to deal with his own bad news, as Zaya comes by for her things. They don’t have the best conversation, not helped by the fact that Malcolm had to get the locks changed after Jessica broke his door a bit ago. While that chaos goes on, Jessica sneaks out to avoid the watching, but not brilliant, police, to go see Erik. She tells him about what growing up with Dorothy was like, and he sympathizes, from what we learned before about his father. That scene fades out as things get a bit warmer between them.


Jeri, I suppose trying to prove some kind of point, goes to see Kith. The accountants at the law firm have found something suspicious about the man threatening Kith, but Jeri will only proceed with Kith’s permission. Displeased, Kith storms off and Jeri can’t go after her when she has a momentary bit of weakness from her disease. Worn out after some time in bed with Jessica, Erik sleeps as she searches his apartment, finds some files, and sneaks out. A quiet standoff between Gillian and Malcolm gets interrupted when Jessica sends along some of what she found and asks Malcolm to check it out. They agree to meet at Dorothy’s funeral, and Jessica’s shaky handle on herself slips when she gets ready to go and Gillian is actually nice to her.


While she’s taking her pills, Jeri gets a call from Kith, who is desperate enough at this point that she’ll go along with Jeri’s less-noble plans. Jessica gets a call from Malcolm, reporting in about the man Jessica stole the file about from Erik. Their mark is an asshole, but still alive. The rest of the discussion is put off for now, as the limo arrives for the funeral. Malcolm’s own preparations get interrupted by the return of Brianna, who apologizes for her earlier behavior and asks for a second chance. Jessica and Trish’s worries about the turnout for the service end up being unnecessary, as the room is packed with people sharing memories of Dorothy. Both the women are pleasantly surprised. Malcolm and Brianna talk a bit more, and it seems likely he’s going to miss the service.


The service goes better than anyone expected, at least at first. Jessica and Trish are surprised by the outpouring of good feeling about Dorothy, and how many people she helped. Jessica shares a memory of a family outing that wasn’t what most people would consider a good one, but it makes them both smile. The smiles fade when Gillian calls in and tells Jessica that the cops have a warrant and are on the way. Trish gives a stirring eulogy for her mother, but between what she says and what Jessica notices, the private eye gets a sinking feeling that she knows what’s been happening. Jessica goes outside to keep disruptions to a minimum when she has her showdown with the cops.


The episode ends with Erik going to check on something himself. I’m not sure what he was expecting to find, but I’m almost positive that what he does encounter is not at all what he was expecting. Someone has a very bad day, and Erik has to try and decide what to do about it.


What I liked: On a lot of shows, death sort of gets talked about and they just move on from it. They actually showed some grief from Jessica and Trish here, and it was a small but realistic touch. As much as I like Erik, I don’t blame Jessica for being a bit suspicious of the man at this point. There’s a decent circumstantial case against him, but then that’s what the cops are using to go after Jessica, and she knows she didn’t do it. I really can’t stand Jeri the more I see of her, but she’s staying consistent at least. Malcolm is showing some weakness, but it’s understandable.


What I didn’t: I really don’t care for Jeri at all. She’s selfish, manipulative, and unpleasant. Zaya seems to be cut from the same cloth, and Malcolm can do better there, at least. The two cops hassling Jessica seem like bad stereotypes, bullies who won’t listen to anything at all.


This was more character than action, and it worked well. I’ll give this a high 3.5 out of 5.