Legion: Chapter 14

In Legion’s “Chapter 14,” we get treated to an example of one of the versions of multiverse theory, including a version of someone spouting off about multiverse theory.

Legion: Chapter 13

The weirdness that’s part of the package continues in Legion’s next episode, “Chapter 13.” I’m still sort of surprised that a show that seems to pride itself on being surreal has such normal episode titles. Maybe they needed a token bit of sanity to give their writers a break.

Legion: Chapter 12

Legion is a very odd show. This isn’t news to anyone who has watched it, certainly not by “Chapter 12.” Even bearing that in mind, I’ll say this was a weird episode. For me, it kept veering back and forth between, “Ok, that’s clever” and “Enough, we get it already.”

Legion: Chapter 10

Legion continues its surreal way through the second season in Chapter 10. It begins with an odd conversation on a merry go round between David, Oliver, and Lenny, debating the nature of reality and memory.

Legion: Chapter 9

After a long break, the psychedelic super-powered show Legion is back. Last season ended with David being drone-napped, and we find out some of what’s been happening while he’s been gone.