Legion: Chapter 18


The plot went that way.

Legion careens along toward the season finale with “Chapter 18.” At this point, it appears the entire season is going to be about the quest for Farouk’s body, and the evil Shadow King sowing as much chaos as he can among Division 3 along the way. It’s another episode of oddness, this one focused mostly on Syd on two different levels.

The opening scene is a tent with a small fire burning in it. David is siting on a throne inside looking very sinister and non-David like. He holds a crystal ball in which we see Syd announcing she’s going after him, which I believe actually happened two episodes ago. They are starting to blur together a bit, to be honest. Then we cut back to David and Syd on the cot they lay down on last time we saw them, with various of her past lines echoing through the air. She gets up and goes outside, and sees something strange in the distance. Walking towards it, we see a giant bath tub stopper, complete with huge chain, lying next to a big dark hole in the ground. Showing no sign of the intelligence she usually has, Syd walks up to the edge and peers in. A moment later, a string sails out with a metal hook bent around a rabbit. Despite the fact that ths couldn’t be a more obvious trap unless it had a giant “TRAP” sign in flashing neon, she picks up the rabbit, frees it, and gets yanked into the hole. Guess Farouk caught one. I guess with the bait used, there’s a “dumb bunny” joke in here somewhere.

The credits scroll by as she falls, lands, and gets dragged through various chambers and corridors. Finally she ends up in a dim room with blue glowing tables. Melanie Bird waits for her here, and as we saw last time, Melanie isn’t one of the good guys anymore. Melanie goes on her weird anti-men kick again, and Syd listens patiently for a bit before telling her that’s not what’s happening to her. Melanie starts using the tables to show her scenes from David’s life to prove he’s evil in some way. The one she uses last, to me, looks more like he’s grimacing with effort than going power mad.

David was woken up and gone looking for the missing Syd, pushing through a sandstorm that came out of nowhere. He finds an empty rickshaw (I guess we’re finally done with that image), then somehow ends up inside some rooms somewhere. I’m not clear how he got in there, and in the scheme of things on this show, it probably doesn’t really matter. He finds Oliver, who is acting all cool and not helpful, and David has had it. He goes to “extreme measures” to find out where Syd is, and Oliver doesn’t enjoy it at all. Syd sees David torturing Oliver, but not why, and doesn’t believe it’s him. Melanie tries to use this to convince Syd David has gone bad.

With more of the backing up to things we’ve seen already that they like so much, we see the blue car appear in the desert, Lennie stumble out of it, the fire, and her remembering to retrieve the small travel case. She, too, finds the big hole, but now there are men in blue leotards with square wicker cages on their heads sitting around it. Lennie being Lennie, she’s not the slightest bit freaked out by this, but sits with them and waits for something to happen when they won’t answer her questions. She drums on the case, opens it, and pulls out a large sniper rifle that can’t actually fit in there before putting it back. Shades of Mary Poppins and her carpet bag, that. Finally, she asks if they could tell her where a girl could find a monastery, they all silently point in the same direction, and off she goes.

Syd and Melanie watch David torture Oliver some more. Syd doesn’t have the stomach for this and nearly gets sick, while Melanie, who is trying to play some kind of morality card here, seems unmoved by watching her husband being used to practice games with an electric drill. In yet more flashback scenes (I’m starting to wonder if the writers were coming up short these last few episodes) we see Farouk talking to Future Syd and learning the bad guy she’s trying to stop is apparently David himself. Syd is confused (and not alone on that score, friends) and Melanie keeps pushing her to see David as the bad guy. She calls him Legion the World Killer, so we get both the show title finally and the name of the bad guys from this season of Supergirl. Weirdest crossover ever, although that would be appropriate for this show. Melanie seems weirdly to feel sorry for David, going over all the bad things that have happened to him, but sill paints him as the villain.

Cary, Kerry, and some Division troops they got from somewhere or other wander the desert, following Cary’s tracer. They find the burned out car and Lennie’s coat that she dropped. Kerry has the dog that’s with them get the scent and follow. It’s now their turn to find the big hole, with a trail of those baskets that were on the guys’ heads before all over. Suddenly, the men in blue climb up out of the hole and start whirling some kind of bola-like weapon around their heads. This sets up some kind of psychic/sonic attack and most everyone drops to their knees, clutching their heads in pain. Kerry doesn’t look happy but is still up. She gets in an impressive fight scene using a staff she pulled from nowhere and beats them all but then another group climbs out of the hole like a video game horde.

Oliver is looking really bad as David pushes for his answers about Syd. Oliver babbles a bit and finally tells him Farouk has her, which either isn’t true or Melanie is another Farouk puppet now, which would make a lot of sense. Melanie is still watching and tells Syd you can’t tell what’s real with mind-readers involved. Syd is still resisting, but more weakly than before, and Melanie says that they have to stop David. The minotaur from last episode wanders in, and Melanie strokes its face, making some kind of energy glow inside it.

David slumps to the ground, exhausted, running his hands through his hair. A chopper shows up and drops off Clark and another group of tactical guys, carrying some kind of new weapon. Clark gives them directions and Melanie does the same with the minotaur, sending it off to “kill the weak.” Yeah, that makes her sound like a good guy. It takes off, she finds the casket, opens it, kisses Farouk ala Sleeping Beauty, and falls to the ground as he opens his eyes. That bodes ill.

Kerry is still fighting hordes of blue guys, looking both exhausted and exhilarated. The girl does love to fight. One of them grabs Cary and takes him down into the big hole. Kerry screams but is too busy fighting to get him. Suddenly, the guys near her drop and Lennie saunters up with the rifle, casually suggesting Kerry should go get him, but she’s supposed to wait up here. Kerry goes, leaping down the pit, bouncing from wall to wall like a cartoon ninja. Cary gets dragged along until his captor runs afoul of the minotaur, at which point Cary runs from the man’s gruesome end. He passes two of the Vermillion bodies, warns them about a creature on the ceiling (the minotaur can move like Spider-Man) and runs past them.

Cary finds the room David first discovered Oliver in, and finds the bloodied body of his former friend with David lounging in the background. Cary is worried about Oliver, and David muses on how good it felt to torture him. So Melanie was right? It’s not clear what brought on this sudden change. David somehow knows what Clark is up to; the agent brought a giant tuning fork which supposedly cancels out mutant powers, because why not?

Kerry goes looking for Cary, but finds Syd. Syd says David is the monster now and maybe always was. The minotaur finds them both, and Syd suddenly brawls like a champ, punching it out with only a little help from Kerry. They get cute with visual effects here and I’m not clear on how, but Syd seems to end up losing the fight suddenly, with the monster looming over her.

Farouk finds Clark and his troops, drops everyone with minimal effort, and hurls the tuning fork off to the horizon with his powers. That was anti-climactic. The Vermillons calculate a 0% chance of victory and run off. Farouk stands there with his arms spread, chanting nonsense from the first season as the sun comes up. David suddenly looks up from wherever he ended up and says, “Boo” to end the show.

What I liked: Kerry finally got a chance to show off her fighting skill. I’m not sure where Lennie learned to be a sniper, but those two made a good team. Cary’s gadget worked well at least. David showed that, if nothing else, he really wanted to find Syd.

What I didn’t: I get that there was likely telepathic manipulation involved, but Syd gave up on David too easily. The show is still being weird just for the sake of being weird, with the giant tub stopper as a great illustration of that. It’s really getting hard to figure out what’s happening here too much of the time. If they don’t make a few things a bit more clear cut, the season finale next episode is likely the end of my time with this show.

It’s really hard to rate this series. It’s visually beautifully and plot-wise all over the map. I’m giving this a 3 out of 5 and we’ll see what they do for the finale.