Supergirl: Make It Reign


Blank stares are common this season…

I’ve been saying this season of Supergirl wasn’t that good. In “Make It Reign,” I only had to wait for the first scene to wonder who was writing this nonsense. Selena and her small coven have made it to Earth, and claim to be charging up under Earth’s yellow sun… by being inside and wearing robes with hoods. “I want to become god-like powerful from the sun’s energy, but I’m afraid of sunburn”? Really, how does this make sense? They have a plan to use the Harenel to summon Reign, but they can’t touch it now that they’re on Earth. Fortunately, they have Coville the eager-to-please minion at their beck and call. Apparently their little cult is called The Daughters of Jeru.

Back on Argo City, Alura, Mon-El, Tharra, and Kara try and figure out how to get into Selena’s house. Somehow, Kara finds the trigger for the secret door with no effort whatever. I guess she’s psychic now, too? Inside they find various writings, including an atlas of the Earth and how to make a World Killer. Mon-El, somewhat obviously, points out they need to find a way to warn the DEO.

Back home on Earth, Ruby finds Sam crashed out on the couch. They agree she’s not feeling right after her Reign-purge, and Sam promises not to keep secrets from Ruby again. At the DEO, Alex is browsing adoption web-sites, which she quickly hides when J’Onn and M’Ryynn come in. The Martian Man-Father is making a round of goodbyes, preparing for his end as his illness worsens. It’s a teary farewell. As J’Onn goes to prepare for the ritual, he leaves Alex in charge of the DEO. Do I need to point out that running a government agency isn’t done by someone’s whim?

Team Argo finds an empty sword scabbard and a holo-crystal, which triggers a villain rant from Selena. After a lot of threats and taunts, Kara realizes just in time that this is a trap and the house blows up around them. Somehow, only Tharra is hurt in this blast because… reasons. Alex and Lena examine Sam and the news isn’t good. The brilliant scientists are stumped, but Ruby the 12 year old points out Kryptonians rely on sunlight for their powers and that might help her mother.

At the DEO, Winn has come up with a new toy and is very pleased with himself. He asks Agent Demos to punch him, and Demos is too happy to comply. Winn has created a force-field belt, which is a bit ironic since that’s Brainiac 5’s big signature gadget in the Legion of Super Heroes comics, which has been missing in all his appearances on the show. Winn sketches some weird symbol and techno-babbles an explanation as Demos complains punching Winn wasn’t as satisfying as he had hoped.

J’Onn and M’Ryyn begin their exchange, with J’Onn receiving his father’s memories. J’Onn is sad but his father seems pleased and cheerful. Maybe he’s been watching this season and liking it about as much as I have. Kara and friends finally figure out that Selena must have had another way ready to get to Earth, since no one knew Kara was coming back to let Selena steal her ship. Alura belatedly realizes one of her late husband’s experiments might be relevant, and Kara remembers spending time with him in the lab as a kid.

Coville helps the witches do their own ritual to bring Reign back. Coville suffers horribly during this, and Selena and friends don’t care. It doesn’t work, because Selena realizes the spell needs Purity and Pestilence’s blood. Eager minion Coville tells them where to find it. This would be Lena’s lab, apparently, where they run more tests on Sam, claiming Krpytonians can’t see through the shroud-field, and apparently forgetting Reign did. Everyone worries, but offers encouragement to Sam.

Back on Argo, they look at Zor-El’s portal experiment, which somehow should be compatible with the one the DEO used a few seasons ago, but their portal has to be on for it to work. Somehow, this leads to Kara using the Alura hologram back at the DEO to communicate with, and scare the hell out of, Winn. Once he gets over his shock, Winn gets Alex to loop her in. How a self-contained hologram that was supposed to be a teacher for Kara can contact a distant city they never get around to explaining.

J’Onn and M’Yrrnn continue their ritual, with more memories being shared. Winn and Mon-El work on their respective portal devices and Mon tells Winn about his feeling for Kara. We also learn that the portals won’t work that well, so it’ll be a one way trip. Alura and Kara also talk about the Kara/Mon-El relationship. As both teams work on their portals, the Kryptonian witches attack the DEO.

The witches are mopping the floor with the DEO agents, and demanding the blood of the World Killers. Alex does as well as you could expect, making great use of Winn’s new guns for her, but there are three of them with Kryptonian powers. Winn field tests his new belt by getting blasted by one of the witches, and it turns out the force field can stand up to heat vision. She then just throws Winn across the room. Still a few bugs to get worked out there, I guess. Mon-El and Supergirl took this time to get changed to their costumes, and they figure out they need someone on the other end to turn the DEO portal on. They use the Alura hologram to lure one of the witches, Vita to where they want her.

Ruby and Sam try to hide, and are first clever enough to use Lena’s scrambler screen and then stupid enough to knock stuff over and attract attention. There’s a lot of action going on here as Demos grabs the blood they want and Alex shows she means business with green Kryptonite bullets… that don’t really seem to do much. For all Supergirl’s hyper reaction to Lena making her own green K, everyone seems to be shrugging it off. The Argo City crew manage to manipulate Vita into punching the portal terminal. Somehow, this turns it on instead of breaking it. Those control panels must be really sturdy.

Alura, Supergirl, and Mon-El all come through, appearing at the DEO to rout the evil alien witches. Unfortunately, there’s a tragic and completely predictable death which shakes up everyone, especially Winn, and Supergirl uses some really questionable tactics to try and keep the blood away from the witches. Lena and her surprise new lab assistant keep working on a possible solution to the problem during all this.

J’Onn and his dad keep going with their ritual, unaware of everything else happening. The witches summon Reign back from wherever she went, mostly able to do it because of Supergirl’s earlier screw up. After Lena does some more work, she comes up with a theory about what’s wrong with Sam, which leads to Sam needing to go back to the strange Dark Valley they were in before. Reign comes back and grabs the sword the witches brought from Argo. The witches plan on terraforming Earth into a new Krypton (Krpyto-forming?). They also decide they’re done with Coville, and deal with him about like you’d expect.

James shows up to try and talk Winn out of his depression at the death. Winn is too deep into blaming himself to really listen. Kara introduces Alura to Alex, and Lena sends Sam to her vision quest in the valley. Earthquakes start, the world is in danger, and the heroes rush off to help. J’Onn and his dad end their ritual and Dad comes up with a plan to help. Things are looking ugly as the episode wraps up and all that’s left is the finale.

What I liked: I’m glad Mon-El admitted his feelings, although I’m surprised anyone missed it. Alura is impressive in her resolve to do the right thing and take a big risk to do it.

What I didn’t: Supergirl was dumb with trying to deal with the blood, which led to most of the chaos near the end. Vita punching the console and that turning it on instead of destroying it was unlikely at best. The charging up with sunlight while inside in big covering robes made no sense at all. It’s weird that Winn came up with Brainy’s signature gadget.

I didn’t like the episode or most of the season. I’m giving this one a 2 out of 5.