Legion Chapter 21


Don’t come around here no more…

The general insanity that is Legion continues with Chapter 21. Even the recap doesn’t sound sure what’s been going on, since it starts with “Ostensibly on Legion.” I admit, I’m having trouble with David and Farouk switching places, and everyone seeming to be ok with it. The big clash between David and his cult and the forces of Division Three is still building up as both sides try and get a grip on how things have changed.

While David meditates, Syd gazes out the window of the strange striped plane Division Three is using as their mobile headquarters. Weirdly, as redundant as that is on this show, she’s listening to some of the music from the musical “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown.” Switch listens to more of her “Lessons on Time Travel” in her headphones, which cautions about the hazards of going back in time. Lennie interrupts her listening to say that David wants to see her and give Switch a lecture about the hierarchy of how things work.


David is having some kind of flashbacks or arguing with himself, or both, when Lennie brings Switch to him. David tells Lennie to go, and then reinforces that with his power when she proves reluctant. David quizzes Switch about how her power works, and she give him both an explanation and a demonstration. Unfortunately, they find a complication that prevents David’s plan from working. After some talk about who deserves love, David decides he needs to make some adjustments to Switch’s power, and tells her, “I know a guy.”


On the plane, Cary tinkers in his workshop while Agent Clark interrogates the Alchemist, who apparently calls himself Squirrel. Squirrel doesn’t have a lot of useful things to say, and Clark gets frustrated. After an impromptu bit of singing, Clark does a bit of catch and release with Squirrel, although he has to prompt Cary to do his part. Cary is really getting into the absent-minded scientist role. The rest of the team talks strategy, and Kerry expresses a strong dislike for Lennie.


Syd uses some kind of talisman and David gets the message, appearing by projection to talk to her. It’s a very awkward, tense conversation. David defends what he’s been doing, and Syd points out that some things can’t be forgiven. David tries to persuade her that he’s not so bad, but proves her point in the process. The conversation doesn’t end well, neither of them convinces the other of anything, and there’s not a lot of understanding or hope for peace there.


The cult is doing some weird harvesting of a kind of liquid, and their party van pulls inside an abandoned barn. Squirrel goes down a path with lights in the trees and finds an Alice in Wonderland style tea party, with Lennie as the Hatter. Division Three has been watching and, partly at Kerry’s urging (maybe just to get her to shut up), launch their attack. I don’t quite get what happened, but it must have been anticlimactic for Kerry. Unfortunately, at least part of this was a trap, and Lennie gets away with the Division’s armored vehicle, and Cary.


Continuing their earlier weirdness, Farouk is playing some of the piano music from the Charlie Brown Christmas special. His little reverie of being in a black and white club gets broken when Syd shows up, demanding to talk. They talk about David’s views on what’s going on, the complications from the time traveler, and Farouk’s ego. He suggests a course of action to get to David that Syd doesn’t like at all.


In what may be the weirdest scene of the series, and that’s saying something, Cary wakes up in one of the cult’s rooms, and escapes via elaborate miming and hide and seek. He doesn’t get that far as he ends up in David’s cavern/meditation chamber. They talk about some of their past disagreements, David offers some reassurances, and gives Cary both a new project and some gas weapon reinforcement to encourage him to get it done. Lennie enjoys that part entirely too much. In another bit of oddness, Cary and Kerry share a mirror, a brush, clothes, and a dance number, which David cuts in on.


Cary wakes up in a room with Switch, and they talk about time travel and academic qualifications. Switch explains her power once again, and Cary is fascinated. She explains what David wants, and you can practically see the wheels turning in Cary’s head as he starts thinking about the problem. Switch leads him to a large and well-stocked lab, where Lennie is waiting. Lennie shoos Switch away, gets a lecture she didn’t ask for or understand, and then starts showing some of her own weaknesses. The end of their exchange shows that Cary is firmly under David’s sway, and wraps up the episode.


What I liked: I actually like Switch, which is rare for me with anyone on this show. I don’t care for Clark, but he’s committed to his cause and has some slick ideas. Lennie made a good Mad Hatter. I don’t know why they used it, but I’ve always liked the Charlie Brown music.


What I didn’t: The fight with the cult was a build up to something that didn’t really happen, and the way Division Three ended it didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Lennie is getting more and more out of control. I’m not thrilled with the Division’s suddenly embracing the “We must kill David” cause so completely. Why would anyone trust Farouk at this point?


A lot of the time, I feel like I’m either not smart enough to watch this show, or not on the right drugs. This was a mediocre episode of a show that sometimes tries too hard to be weird. I’ll give this a 2.5 out of 5.