Followers, we want to hear from you!

Hi Everybody!

I’ve been thinking about the site lately and it just occurred to me: why don’t I just ask people what they like?

This all started when I did a deep dive into our traffic to check out what people are reading. For example, A History of the Suicide Squad is a popular post that people check out consistently over time. It makes sense: it’s a comprehensive article about a popular title. But, on a day to day basis, people don’t drop by the site a lot. This is partly because we don’t “feed the beast” – meaning, we don’t post six times a day, so we just don’t have a ton of content.

But there’s more to it than that: Here’s a breakdown of the folks that follow the site:

via Email: 786
Facebook: 451
WordPress: 201
Twitter: 121

(There’s bound to be some overlap here, too.)

When you total that all up, average it out and figure on a one percent return, that’s almost what we get: 15 views per day. Except when we don’t. So that brings me back to where I started: if one percent of followers don’t check out the site every day, I must be doing something wrong. I doubt I’m going to ask the right question, but here goes.


If I didn’t represent your view, please drop us a comment or contact us here. Thanks!

*no matter what I tried, the site would not embed a poll.