Legends of Tomorrow: Too Legit To Quit

Sara takes on her nemesis.

After a season on the run with minimal resources, the Legends almost have everything they lost back. They’re back on, if not their, at least a, Waverider, and for the moment, don’t have a horde of killer robots after them. Things were going really well until the last few moments of last episode, when robo-Astra returned from Hell for just long enough to stab Gideon in the back. Literally. Now the team has this episode, and one more, to wrap things up before the season ends. For now, the team is “Too Legit To Quit.” Despite the title nod and other musical stars occasionally popping up, MC Hammer doesn’t guest star this week.

Gary, desperate, carries Gideon to the medbay as the others worry. Unfortunately, while they’ve retaken the ship, most of the systems are offline since they had to shut down the Evil Gideon. Not seeing any options, the team takes a gamble and reactivates her, which almost gets them all killed before an interesting loophole in her programming means Evil Gideon can’t vent the ship and scatter everyone to the temporal zone. As an aside, as far as I recall, we still don’t know if being ejected into the temporal zone is as bad as ending up in outer space. Gideon goes to negotiate with her evil sorta-twin, and the rest of the team is bored and hungry, but doesn’t trust the food replicators. Astra uses her magic to come up with a solution for one problem, and then Gideon comes back with word of a truce and a surprising announcement.

Most of the team isn’t happy about this, although Gwyn Davies makes a good point. There’s a lot of discussion, and Gary goes to see the evil AI to try and get a gesture of good faith from her to reassure the team. There’s a lot of discussion and a new plan to try and avoid Evil Gideon’s conditions, which also involves some stalling. I don’t know why the AI in charge of the ship misses all the scheming, since it’s previously been established there’s only one place she doesn’t have ears and eyes, and the team isn’t there. What’s been agreed on is giving the team glance at their futures, to show that at least some of what Evil Gideon has offered is legit, and that she’s not just luring them away to kill them all. Improbably, at least to my suspicious mind, almost everyone gets a happily ever after, which just seems statistically unlikely in general, especially with this crew. At least some of the Legends are tempted, and there are passing references to both Die Hard and the Magic 8-ball.

The team regroups to discuss their options, and realize they need more time to make their plan work. Astra does her best to stall more, which allows for another of the actors to get to play with their role again. They’ve done a lot of that this season, and I think they’re all enjoying it. As they discuss options, Ava, of course, is the one to realize some of the flaws in the deal and Gideon admits a few things that aren’t going to be to everyone’s liking. One of the team almost gets killed in this course of the plan, and Gideon suggests something to spare everyone else. Evil Gideon and Sara do a lot of arguing, but that makes sense; attitude-wise, they are almost completely opposite about some important issues. Later, there’s a big party with celebration, regrets, a clever use of a spell we’ve seen, and a sort of Beebo cameo.

Sara and Ava talk about their potential future, and Gary, who was an exception on one front this episode, makes a different plan than the others. Behrad and Astra get a cute scene about their own futures. Zari is possibly the least pleased about what may come next, and gets some wise words from Nate, who once again shows his value to the team. Ava, after her chat with Sara, learns something disturbing about the possible future for one of her teammates. Not at all happy, she recruits Zari for her attempt to fix what’s coming. Gideon overhears and starts her own plan. Ava’s attempt to set things straight gets derailed when Gideon’s actions head the whole thing off.

Dr. Davies has an unexpected talk with someone from his past, and we start getting the hint that things are not as they seem. There’s another team talk, some interesting scheduling issues, and then Gary and Gideon get some alone time. What should be a nice romantic dinner gets largely undone by Evil Gideon sticking her notional nose in. Evil Gideon has an agenda, and manipulates both of them really well. She’s definitely not a good guy, but the Bishop-recreated AI is very good at what she does. The final scene of the episode involves the problem with trying to fool a genius, especially one whose eyes have been opened to the many strange possibilities of this world.

What I liked: The team worked together well, and I enjoyed their plan. The glimpses of Legends Yet To Come were interesting and offered some insights into a lot of them. It’s very odd, even for this show, but I like Gary and Gideon together. Ava, while she can be a stickler for the rules, is also a very caring person who will let her heart lead in spite of herself. I think everyone underestimates Davies, and he showed why that’s a mistake.

What I didn’t: You know that saying about “If something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t”? A group this experienced, especially Sara, should have had their suspicions. Some of the places people are supposed to end up don’t really work.

With only one more episode to go this season, they have a lot to wrap up. I’m really curious to see how this goes. I’ll give this one a 3 out of 5.