Doom Patrol: Donkey Patrol

      DC Universe’s Doom Patrol series set a high bar with their first episode. Fortunately, they were just as good in their second. “Donkey Patrol” has the right touch of action, absurdity, and general weirdness that fits most incarnations of the team.

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Agents of SHIELD: Code Yellow

So far in season six of Agents of SHIELD, Jeff Ward, who plays Deke Shaw, has been in the credits, but his roguish character hasn’t been seen or even mentioned. They change that up with “Code Yellow.”

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Iron Fist: The Dragon Dies at Dawn

        Iron Fist’s second season continues with “The Dragon Dies at Dawn.” This, as with the other titles this season, is borrowed from an earlier comic; in this case, Iron Fist 9 from 1976. We see Danny dealing with his loss, an attempted family reconciliation, and Davos working on his own list but only needing to check it once.

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