Gotham: Stop Hitting Yourself

One thing you have to say about Gotham; they’re not lacking in dark humor. The title “Stop Hitting Yourself” comes in to play early and gruesomely.

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Arrow: Deathstroke Returns

Deathstroke? Hey, I’m back too…

The episode “Deathstroke Returns” starts off from a different point of view. Specifically, we see Councilwoman Pollard, who only seems to exist to oppose whatever Mayor Queen is doing and generally be a pain in his ass, through a gunsight.

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Flash: Girls’ Night Out

Barry and Iris’ wedding is creeping closer, and on any tv show that means it’s about time for some kind of disastrous and/or humorous bachelor/bachelorette party. The title “Girls’ Night Out” should give you an idea about what they’re going to be focusing on, although we see a bit of both sides. It’s also an excuse for a guest star or two, and a new introductory voiceover.

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The Gifted: got your siX

This week, The Gifted’s beginning flashback is four years ago in Phoenix. John is working with Pulse, trying to raise funds for relief from the big 7/15 disaster that, among other things, cost Agent Turner his daughter.

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Supergirl: Damage

Supergirl’s “Damage” episode starts off with a slightly new voiceover. After they get through that, the Girl of Steel and her sister do a nice job of taking care of an attempted escape from a prison transport bus.

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Justice League

My review of the Justice League movie is going to have a few spoilers below. Be warned. Proceed at your own risk. All that good stuff.

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