iZombie: dot zom

    This episode of iZombie manages to combine the usual murder of the week while moving several of the subplots forward. The rabidly anti-zombie forces in New Seattle are deep-rooted and more pervasive than I thought, and are starting to surprise Liv and friends.

iZombie: Six, Seven, Ate!

           On the final season of iZombie, the walled city of New Seattle is at war with itself. There are zombies, anti-zombie bigots, Filmore-Graves trying to keep order, the police, Liv’s Renegade network, and still some fairly normal people trying to just get by.

iZombie: Dead Lift

There many conflicting factions now on iZombie. Fillmore-Graves is kind of on their own side, Dolly Durkins’ “Dead Enders” are rabidly anti-zombie, Liv’s network is trying to make life better for some on the outside, and the US Government wants an excuse to wipe New Seattle off the map.

iZombie: Thug Death

When I first heard about the iZombie show, I had some doubts. Something or other about it interested me enough to watch the first episode, and I was hooked. I’ve seen them all since, and I’m sorry this is the final season.

iZombie: Mack-Liv-Moore

Isobel, the young woman Liv and company met through Renegade’s network, has a lot on her plate. Smuggled illegally into New Seattle, dying from a fatal disease, she was hoping, like so many others, that the process of becoming a zombie would halt her disease. Instead, she’s proven to be the only person so far who is apparently naturally immune to zombie-ism.