iZombie: Mack-Liv-Moore


Blaine DeBeers, Suuuper Genius

Isobel, the young woman Liv and company met through Renegade’s network, has a lot on her plate. Smuggled illegally into New Seattle, dying from a fatal disease, she was hoping, like so many others, that the process of becoming a zombie would halt her disease. Instead, she’s proven to be the only person so far who is apparently naturally immune to zombie-ism. She’s also being written as a very entertaining character, as we see in “Mack-Liv-Moore.”

Isobel is dealing with her unique circumstances with an acceptance and grace that is striking. She even calls her mother to check in and tell jokes. When Peyton and Liv tell her about what they have planned for the young woman, she calmly points out the flaws in their reasoning. In the background, the news is covering the story of many zombies being murdered after Blaine’s raid on the prison bus let a serial killer loose.

Not at all worried about what he’s done to public safety, Blaine enacts another scheme involving getting rich and ruthlessness. There’s a new brain for Don E, a land grab, and a Simpsons joke. As usual with Blaine, it’s an entertaining scene.

With a slew of body parts from the bus fiasco, Ravi and Liv show how jaded they’ve gotten by playing body part Go Fish. I get where they’re coming from on that. They get interrupted, first by the annoying French inspector with a pair of victims, then Clive with the main murder of the week. I really don’t see the point of that French character at all.

This week’s homicide was a rapper called Dirty Reign who, until recently, had an act with his twin brother Lil’ Drizzle. Liv’s new personality of the week is a major shift, and watching Clive try to adapt is entertaining as always. The brother has some motives, but no evidence points his way so far. Liv goes back to the morgue for some free-style rapping with Ravi, who is pretty damn bad at it. This sparks off a vision of the Scratching Post, which seems to play a part in way too many crimes, even given that Blaine owns and runs it. Liv also sees that Cain, the serial killer who hunts zombies, was there, even though he’s supposed to be in custody.

Liv and Clive talk about Cain’s past, and then Fillmore-Graves declares a city-wide lockdown as they hunt for the killer. They use their authority so lightly and deftly, those people. There’s a weird hint that something’s up with Clive and Vampire Steve. Over at the Scratching Post, Don E is also under the influence of his new brain, to Candy’s annoyance. Candy has gotten to the point of loathing New Seattle entirely, but something in her rant helps Don figure out what Blaine’s new plan is, and I grant, it’s clever, if ruthless. Why Blaine put Don E on this brain is revealed, and there’s a brilliant fund raising scheme involved.

Liv is rapping up a storm in the morgue and Peyton isn’t even phased at this point as she comes in with Isobel. Isobel seems fascinated by the bodies, and Peyton fields a call about not being able to find Mayor Barrachus for comment during the lockdown. On the other end of the hunt for Cain, Major and his squad get a briefing but before they can go out looking, Chase stops by. Chase finds out he’s not getting all the information he needs and doesn’t react well. As if he doesn’t have enough to do, Major gets a call from Ravi asking him to bring Ravi’s briefcase to work, since Major can travel during the lockdown and Ravi can’t. We finally see what Clive is up to, and it’s hysterical, unexpected, and kind of freaks out rookie Michelle.

Don E and Blaine further their scheme, with some more amusing lines between them. Isobel is helping Liv at the morgue. The kid is unflappable, you have to give her that. Major comes in with Ravi’s case and the kids from his squad, who are bickering again. The bickering spreads to Major and Liv, who go at each other about Renegade’s execution. Peyton comes out and tells them both to knock it off. That little exchange may have been one of my favorite scenes of the episode.

Blaine takes a detour on his evil scheme to do some cyber-stalking, which is kind of pathetic but almost endearing at the same time. Their new thug, Crybaby, comes in with a report of an out-cold Fillmore-Graves soldier by the dumpster and some really surreal advice for Blaine. They also wonder about seeing Ravi with a brain tube at one point. Major finds Ravi, Clive, Michelle, and Vampire Steve, and things get really entertaining. This really is a show by, about, and for, geeks. Ravi ends up going down to the morgue and finds Isobel in an unexpected place. I’m not sure I realized before this that the morgue was actually in the same building Clive works in.

The Ravi/Isobel/Liv/Peyton scene in the morgue gets a bit odd, but is well done. Upstairs, things wrap up and then take an unexpected turn with two of the characters. Major and his “kids” go to the Scratching Post to retrieve the passed out soldier, who turns out to be a high-ranking major with some important information. We get this just a bit too late as Chase Graves gets an unexpected visitor. Whatever his flaws, you have to give Chase points for being calm in a crisis. Chase bears up under some really nasty attention from his “guest” and then Major shows up to save the day. Even then, Chase is more worried about others, which is impressive.

Ravi and Liv have a talk about Isobel. He’s stunned to learn she’s seemingly immune to the zombie virus. They talk about what this could mean and Isobel comes back in time to overhear most of it. While Blaine and Don take a big step forward on their plan, Isobel makes a decision about what she’s heard. Peyton and Liv object, but Isobel makes some great points.

To wrap up, Cain is caught, Blaine moves ahead on his newest plan, the others debate Isobel’s decision, and Peyton gets some surprising news about her career. A video gets out that could change this new world. And the murder of the week… I think got lost in the shuffle or will be continued.

What I liked: I keep saying this, but the banter on this show really makes it for me. I love how the characters interact. Blaine is a bad guy but fun to watch, and his new plan is actually pretty good. Isobel is really impressing me. I loved the scenes with Clive and Vampire Steve. The twist with Michelle was interesting and I liked it.

What I didn’t: Like I said above, I think they kind of lost the murder this week. I’m not sure Peyton’s job news actually makes sense. I sort of get it, but I don’t like the way Liv and Peyton are trying to tell Isobel what to do with her life.

I always enjoy this show a lot. I’ll give this a high 3.5 out of 5.