Batwoman: Pick Your Poison

Batwoman has had a very busy third season, as new versions of Bat-foes emerge, family complications ensnare everyone, and difficult choices loom. Now we see Mary infected by Poison Ivy, Alice causing her usual chaos, and a new threat emerging.

Batwoman: Antifreeze

Batwoman and company have their hands full this season. The stolen trophies from Batman’s vault are continuing to make their lives difficult, and now Ryan’s birth mother is causing problems for everyone. Just to make things more complex, her brother is playing a different game and seems to be not overly concerned with possible consequences.

Batwoman: Loose Tooth

The theme of the third season of Batwoman seems to be the trophies from former Batman foes giving rise to new villains. They did Mad Hatter well, but I was puzzled by the title of “Loose Tooth.” The only Bat-foe I could think of that might work for was Killer Croc, and I couldn’t see how that would give rise to a new version. They actually handled it pretty well.

Batwoman: Mad as a Hatter

Last season had a lot happen on Batwoman, but one of the things I was most glad to see was that she won’t be alone in the field anymore. Batwoman was the only Arrowverse hero without backup, and that’s finally changed as Luke Fox became more like his comic book self and donned the Batwing armor.

Batwoman: Power

The surprisingly good second season of Batwoman finally comes to an end with “Power.” Black Mask makes his big play, alliances shift and reform, there are some more surprises and nods to the comics, and one issue I’ve commented on that puts Batwoman at a disadvantage compared to most of the other Arrowverse heroes finally gets rectified.

Batwoman: Kane, Kate

Some superhero shows get kind of formulaic as they go. Batwoman, especially in the second season, has been a series of surprises, plot twists, shifting alliances, and generally shaking up the status quo.