Legends of Tomorrow: Speakeasy Does It

Gideon tries something new

The newest season of Legends of Tomorrow has the team marooned in 1925, with no ship, no time couriers, and the thinnest of ideas about how to find a way back to their own time. Or times, really, since they’re from at least two different eras. Now they’re working their way across the country in two groups trying to improve their situation and not impact the timeline any more than they absolutely have to. Fighting robot dopplegangers and the repressive social mores of the time, they finally address a big part of history they’ve been ignoring in “Speakeasy Does It.”

Reaching Chicago, their stolen car finally dies and the team scrambles for their next option. Dealing with assorted racism, they finally get a lead on a place they can hide from pursuing Federal agents and figure out their next move. They work in two jokes at once with the password, one a very obvious choice, the other seemed like a nod to the Agents of SHIELD series. Nate gives the team a historical overview of speakeasies, and Behrad shows a talent I don’t think we knew about before. Meanwhile, stowing away on a train (trains aren’t doing well for the team this season), Gideon, Spooner, and Astra make some new friends and deal with yet more examples of how much this era sucked for anyone who wasn’t a white man.

After the credits, the team reads some of the newspaper coverage about Hoover, Al Capone, and the Bullet Blondes. Sara and Ava aren’t happy with one of the details the reporters got wrong, and they decide that another bank robbery is too high profile, so they try something else they’re accused of and strike a deal with Eddie the bartender. Oddly, Eddie seems to manage the place, even though he’s Black and they keep playing up the racism of the era. The Hoover-bot uses some advanced technology to close in on the Blondes.

Team Astra talks with their new friends on the train. Astra’s personality has been vacillating wildly this season, and this episode, she’s all about helping other people. While that causes problems, Behrad enjoys himself, Zari is careless with technology that shouldn’t be around, and Eddie proves very insightful and wise. Zari and Eddie bond over faith, languages, and being in the moment.

Astra talks her friends into making some changes and does some magical upgrades for them. Things are going well at the bar, which you just know isn’t going to last. After a highly profitable night, the team withdraws into Constantine’s magical hideaway. Just after they go, Eddie gets an unpleasant visit that bodes ill for his business and future. Early the next morning, Zari walks into the aftermath, and they all realize how much more complicated they’ve made everything. 20’s Chicago is not a place to interfere with the supply chain. Despite their urgent need to be elsewhere, the team feels bad about what’s happened, and come up with a unique solution that uses their special assets and gets a tiny bit of petty revenge for an earlier slight.

Arriving at Chicago’s Union Station, Team Astra try and figure out what to do next. One of their new friends gets some news they didn’t want, and the newest incarnation of Spooner’s powers start giving her a clue about what’s going on. Unable to leave the way they wanted to, Astra and company decide to hang out with their new friends and mooch some free food. Zari keeps putting her talents to work and gets the word out via a contact of Eddie’s about a new event that no one is going to want to miss.

Things keep getting worse for Astra and company as they face sexism on a grand scale, as well as an abusive man who loves throwing his weight around. Maude, leader of their new group of comrades, tells a story of classic abuse and the excuses that accompany it. Astra shares with Gideon and Spooner what she knows of their newest enemy, and it isn’t good. As Zari’s big shindig kicks into higher gear, Nate and Gary have a very unusual conversation. Gary shows a much higher degree of self-awareness and insight than I’ve ever seen him display before, and Nate gets caught by surprise at what Gary has noticed. The pair of them get stationed as doormen for the party, and Zari reassures Eddie that everything’s going to go well.

Astra, with some unexpected back up from Spooner, get their new friend to make a big change in their life. Gideon covers for the friend, and surprises Spooner and Astra in the process. Which was weird, since they saw Gideon could do this kind of thing last week. I guess they forgot? Zari gets encouraged to step outside her comfort zone by Eddie, and it’s interesting watching her struggle a bit with it. She also makes a mistake that could have had huge consequences. Sara and Ava make a surprise appearance at the party as the Bullet Blondes, pulling off a great number, taking out the Hoover-bot, and clearing up a misconception about themselves.

There’s some fallout to the changes they’ve helped create, but Astra and Spooner are up the challenge and push back, using their unique knowledge and talents to handle the issue. As they wrap up their big story, they hear about the Bullet Blondes’ party and run to find their friends. Nate admits there’s some truth to what Gary has said, and they seem to be a bit closer by the end of the conversation. Eddie is thrilled with the end results of the party, and he and Zari part under good terms. Astra’s contingent just misses the others, but finds something and prevents a big complication. Most of the team hides out in Constantine’s house, and call in an expert to deal with the Hoover-bot. They one they chose to stay in the real world and help them towards their goal makes absolutely no sense, based on the start of the episode, their experiences so far in 1925, and that character’s history in general.

What I liked: A lot of time travel shows gloss over social issues of the point in time they visit, and I’m glad they don’t do that here. The Blondes’ number was nicely done and amusing. Gary’s talk with Nate was surprising, but worked. I liked Eddie, and hope they somehow get to see him again. The choice of their robot expert was a good one, although it’s going to cause some issues in light of some developments on the show. I’m glad they finally took some note of Prohibition, and gave Nate a chance to shine again as their historian in residence.

What I didn’t: As I said, their choice at the end made no sense on any level. Behrad’s contribution to this episode came out of nowhere, at least as far as I can remember. There were a few inconsistencies with how they handled some of the issues of the time. Spooner and Astra being surprised at Gideon’s talent didn’t really play.

It was a fun episode. I’ll give them a 3.5 out of 5. I hope the two parts of the team manage to catch up with each other eventually, and they don’t drag it out all season.