Legends of Tomorrow: The Fungus Amongus

Well, I usually smoke, but…

The sixth season of Legends of Tomorrow is drawing to a close. There’s a serious membership shakeup, an important event, a big fight, and a big surprise at the end. Also, I think they once again managed to go an entire season without the members who have costumes putting them on. There are quite a few things I didn’t see coming and at least one really odd choice in “The Fungus Amongus.” As a season finale, there will be spoilers below.

The opening scene shows us more about what seemed to be a character death last time, and they turn out to be fine. Kayla, for her part, can’t figure out why the Legends went out of their way to save her kids, and Sara’s answer clearly baffles her. There’s an unexpected development regarding alternative transportation, and then Behrad returns, very confused about what happened to the room he spends most of his time in. After being filled in about Constantine’s erratic behavior, Behrad is surprised and saddened. Then Zari and Astra come back and tell everyone about Constantine dying. Gary, of course, is very shaken by this. Astra briefs the team on what happened, what’s left, and Spooner’s current problems.

Sara visits Gloria, who is tending to Spooner. The newest Legend’s link to the fountain is not going well for her, causing some unpleasant side effects. Gloria is happy to meet Sara, but  very worried about her daughter. In the wreckage of the Waverider’s computer area, Kayla is trying to repair things when Mick comes in and they have an unexpected chat and he helps her with something. One of the tools Kayla is using makes no real sense, but I guess it made for a good visual. They talk about the future and their differing cultures.

After checking on Spooner, Sara, Ava, and Nate get an unpleasant surprise that’s a warning for things to come. Nate does finally remember he has powers, but the writers once again make them essentially useless, largely to showcase Sara. Reconvening on the ship, the team tries to strategize about how to help Spooner, restore the fountain, and save the world. Sara has a sickening realization about what Bishop is up to, and Ava tries to reassure her. Behrad contemplates one of the recent developments, then goes to Zari with some news. She doesn’t really believe him, and the two bicker about Behrad’s habits and a teammate. Kayla gets updated, shares some disturbing information, and then gets Gideon up and running for all of a few seconds before a recording of Bishop overrides everything and taunts the team in true supervillain fashion.

Often overlooked, Nate actually comes up with a great idea. Part of the problem the team is having is that Bishop is so tuned in to how Sara thinks. So Nate makes a ridiculous suggestion that’s very on brand that they try because they have nothing to lose and no one has anything better. This leads to an unexpected side trip and recruiting what you might call some expert help. The new recruit gets to work and Behrad brings his idea to the team, which is greeted with skepticism from most, although Astra makes a great comment about it. After some unexpected input, Sara ends up going with this weird idea. She ends meeting with a surprising consultant who gives her some advice. Kayla completes her repairs, tries to do something that makes sense for her, and gets stopped by Mick. After they talk, Sara shares something with the team that doesn’t go over as well as when she first heard it.

Their expert completes his task, and helps one of the team who was definitely not doing well. Their hopes for good news and a quick fix end with another development that bodes ill for everyone. Gary gives them some bad news, and Nate makes a resolution. He’s very determined, especially given how mostly unreliable his powers are. One of the team makes a recovery, which is good, but brings bad news regarding something important to the entire planet. Ava launches into what sounds like it was supposed to be the beginning of some kind of pep talk/rallying speech, but Sara interrupts her with a most unexpected suggestion. Ava’s not really sold on this, but Sara makes a good case for her idea. This leads to a montage as the team pulls together and creates a very special event that I sort of figured would be part of the finale. Although I admit I wasn’t thinking it would go quite this way.

While most of the team prepares, Spooner has a heart to heart with her mother. What she says makes a lot of sense, and Gloria ends up doing something she really didn’t want to do. In a very rare scene, Ava is freaking out about a task she hasn’t done, and Gary of all people reassures her. He actually does something competent and nice, and no one makes fun of him. It’s kind of a nice chance of pace. Gary ends up getting asked something that thrills him, and it’s nice to see.

As a world-ending event looms, the team turns their attention elsewhere and indulges in a special celebration. It’s a nice scene with solid emotional beats among several characters. Things are going well, so you just know something’s going to go wrong. In fact, they have an uninvited guest show up who does everything they can to spoil the event and, incidentally, end most of the world. Sara gives orders, and Spooner changes the balance of things as everyone prepares for the chaos except the visiting specialist, who wisely runs and hides. They prepare for a big dramatic battle, and then realize things are much, much worse than they thought. Retreating to a somewhat safe space, they end up in what seems more like a zombie horde than what it actually is. Things are looking bad when suddenly, someone miraculously develops a new power, because hey, it’s more or less a comic book show. I’d argue some of what happens here makes no sense, but Legends has rarely encouraged critical thinking about what’s happening. Or much of any thinking, really. The new power helps, but then the team does something else as a sort of final good thing before they die, and it ends up saving the day in a surprising manner.

Bishop isn’t one to accept defeat gracefully, and comes back in person to try and settle his score with the team. There are a lot of ways this could have gone, but he ends up being beaten by another subplot, more or less. With the big bad dealt with, it’s time to wrap up the episode and the season. I don’t like some of what they decided to do here, but I get at least bits of it.

Their visiting expert makes a vow that they can’t let him keep, and I kind of feel a bit sorry for the guy, and he gets shuffled off as a joke. They gave a character a pretty good ending, and then utterly undid it with something that made no sense at all. It does make for a decent parting scene, but I really don’t care for how they handled anything about this character’s departure. One of them gets something that I’m sure is going to be a puzzle for next season, and I have my ideas about how that’s going to go. The last two original Legends (depending on how you look at a few things) share a drink and one makes a decision that leads to another departure. All’s well that ends well, and the team gets set to find their next adventure. But, just before they manage to get home, more or less, something utterly unexpected happens that’s going to change the status quo for the near future if not the rest of the show. I didn’t see this coming and suspect this, too, will be a major mystery for next season.

What I liked: I knew the big event was coming and they did it in a very fun, unexpected, Legends way. The big stand-off was a good team moment. It was nice to see Gary get some credit and do something right. The team pulled together well for the fight, which was great to see. There were a lot of great surprises in this one, and the end is going to be a game-changer.

What I didn’t: Bishop’s fate was kind of weird, even by Legends standards. I really disliked one of the character exits. Well, I don’t like either leaving, but one was understandable as an actor choice, but the other was corporate stupidity and then bad writing. I’m not a big fan of random power generation, and think a lot of that scene didn’t work. They need to either make Steel’s powers work consistently or find a way to take them away.

It was an ok episode. I have some complaints about how some things happened. I’ll give the finale a 3.5 out of 5, and the season a 3 out of 5. The major character departure that they surrounded with so much weirdness, I’ll give a 1.5 to. I just really don’t like how some of the choices were made. Next season should be an interesting change of pace.