Heroes Reborn: Sundae, Bloody Sundae


With a bad pun of a title, Heroes Reborn continues with “Sundae, Bloody Sundae.” Considering Emily, Tommy’s girlfriend, works at an ice cream shop, that bodes ill on a few levels. The cast are shown doing various things under another voice-over from Mohinder. It’s a good set up for the action of the show.

Taylor Kravid, looking for her Evo boyfriend, and at this point revenge against her mother, sets up a meeting with the activist Hero Truther. That’s a bold move for her. Even if she’s had some decent training as a field agent for Renautas, she has no powers and very limited resources. Speaking of her mother, Erica is shown talking about more of her cold and arguably evil beliefs as she shoots a deer that wandered into her backyard. Some sportswoman, Erica.

The news is reporting on a story of an airliner that had its instruments stop working. Tommy, since he knows what’s coming, is worried this is the start of the extinction event Erica is working to avoid. At the hospital, Tommy gets told by his mom and Noah about his true heritage. Noah is trying to get Tommy to help him stop the coming disaster, but Tommy is still reeling from the revelation about his powers and parentage.

Luke and Malina share a meal in a diner. Luke goes on a rant about tomatoes, then stops when he sees a child playing. Malina isn’t stupid, and is starting to put together at least the rough outlines of Luke’s backstory. They move on, trying to find Tommy.

At Sunstone Manor, Carlos is determined to smuggle himself in and try to free his nephew. Deering is helping, only because Carlos has stolen his money. Deering warns Carlos to stay away from the director, who can “get in your head.” Between that phrase, and the recorded announcements that play throughout the grounds, it’s not hard to work out who the director actually is. Interestingly, probably because of Erica’s plans, there’s an extra bounty being paid for Evos with teleportation and/or time travel powers. Deering and Carlos have earbuds to communicate with each other for this escape attempt.

Taylor’s meeting with Hero Truther goes badly and she gets captured. Her captors use a pretty damn clever method to test Taylor’s loyalties, and then move on to what they are actually up to. Another character from the first Heroes series is the leader of their movement, and Erica managed to capture them. They want Taylor’s help to get their leader back.

Most of the rest of the episode is divided between Emily’s ice cream shop and Sunstone Manor. Things don’t go really well at either location. The plots involving many of our heroes are starting to meet up finally.

At Sunstone, Carlos finds out why no one escapes. He meets a few familiar faces, and nothing goes how he expected. A character from the first series pops up again, and they’ve gone fully to the dark side. I have to say I’m disappointed in them. Both Carlos and Deering are left in some fairly nasty looking cliffhangers, and they are not likely to get help from the people they came to save.

The ice cream shop is going to have a lot of issues when this episode is over. Among the people that end up there are Emily, Casper, Joanne, Luke, Tommy, and Malina. There’s a tense moment when things look bad for Emily, but she is spared from that threat, only to have more danger show up. There’s a very intense showdown among many of the above named characters and one of them doesn’t make it through it. Tommy has a last minute escape from a threat he didn’t even know about during all the chaos.

Erica ends up with a new prisoner, courtesy of her pet Evo-power killer, Phoebe. I finally figured out something about Phoebe’s power, or at least I think I did. I wasn’t understanding why her darkness made people lose their powers. It seemed like two unrelated abilities to me. But in the first series, at one point there was an eclipse, and when that happened, everyone lost their powers. I’m not sure how that works, since Evos don’t lose their abilities at night, but I’m betting Phoebe’s power mimics that eclipse somehow. Anyway, while Phoebe keeps Erica’s new captive powerless, Noah meets up with someone else he’s been looking for.

The end scene raises a lot of questions. According to the caption, it’s 7957 years in the future. A butterfly finds one of our cast members, who is meditating in the desert. The world is in ruins around them. The show ends on that note, being emphasized by another voice over from Mohinder about the uncertainty of the future. Hopefully, what we’re being shown can be prevented.

What I liked: The way Sunstone works makes perfect sense. I don’t like the character going evil, but within that limit, the idea works really well. I’m glad the cast is finally joining up for the most part. Tommy’s new discovery could change a lot if he gets to make use of it. The identity of the Hero Truther leader was a nice nod to the first series and made a lot of sense.

What I didn’t: As I said, I don’t like who the director turned out to be. I liked the character that got killed, and I was sorry to see them go. I was hoping for a more definitive end to the Luke/Joanne conflict. And I’m worried that Erica will manage to turn her prisoner against everyone else, like she did Phoebe. Also, if Tommy is an Evo-absorber/negator, and Evos are as common as they seem to be, he’s never run into another one since taking Hiro’s power?

I’ll give this one a 4 out of 5. A lot of moving pieces are coming together and I want to see how the Evos and friends manage to pull this off.