A Note on Current Events

Just a quick note to our readers.


With the chaos being wrought by the coronavirus, “normal” has kind of flown the coop for a while. Comic shops are closing, movies and tv shows are halting production, and seasons are being interrupted. Announced premier dates are being pushed back.


Obviously, this is going to affect the site. We’ll be producing new content as we can. This may be a time for some opinion pieces or looking back at a few things. Black Lightning managed to finish their season, and supposedly we’ll get all of Legends of Tomorrow. There are contradictory reports about Flash, Batwoman, and Supergirl. Black Widow and Wonder Woman have had their release dates moved, and they may get moved again.


What we have to look forward to is Harley Quinn Season Two, which is allegedly still on track for early April, and Stargirl, supposedly still coming in May.


We’ll do what we can. Please keep checking back with us.


Take care of yourselves. Take care of each other. Stay safe.