Heroes Reborn: Game Over

This week’s episode of Heroes Reborn has the somewhat ominous title of “Game Over.” Since the EverNow game is such a big part of what’s going on, that really doesn’t sound good. The show opens with Noah and Quentin applying “vigorous interrogation” techniques to Harris, trying to find out what happened to Phoebe and, possibly more important for the world in general, Hiro Nakamura. Hiro’s been missing for a while now, and since Erica has his sword, and knows it important, she and her Renautas empire clearly know something about what happened to him.

In a somewhat similar story, in Los Angeles, Carlos is beating on the very corrupt cop Deering. Deering is an Evo, but he’s part of group that are hunting down Evos and turning them in for a bounty. The Evos are brought to Sunstone Manor, a place the Deering says no one ever wants to leave. He and Carlos come up with a plan to get in, and it goes badly for the overly-trusting Carlos right from the start. For a military veteran who apparently saw combat, he’s a bit naive.

Miko’s very odd story continues to unfold as her quest continues. She gets several disturbing revelations about her life over the course of the episode, and faces a few traditional hero’s challenges, including a dark mirror of herself, and a choice with some serious repercussions. When her path finally intersects with Noah and company, we learn she’s trying to free the “Master of Time and Space,” which sounds like the description of a certain missing Evo (I’m still not wild about that name).

While all this goes on, Tommy pops in to visit Emily. I really wonder about her parents. Emily goes to school, works a job, and keeps disappearing for hours at a time. Does she have parents? Are they just really self-absorbed? Tommy takes her on a trip via his powers, and she gets to see some things she’s always wanted to. They also experience some very strong anti-Evo prejudice when Tommy tries to do some things like a normal person. They talk a lot as she tries to encourage him about his powers and his destiny.

Luke leaves a very odd message for Joanne and then takes a fairly drastic action. Fortunately, Malina sees him, and makes pretty impressive use of her powers to save him. They compare notes about what they’re up to, and she shows Luke a picture of someone she’s supposed to find to save the word with- Tommy. Luke, of course, recognizes Tommy and they set off to find him. Of course, finding a kid that can teleport on a global scale might not be that easy.

Noah, Quentin, Ren, and Miko find Phoebe. Unfortunately, she’s been very brainwashed by Erica and company. Even more unfortunately, one aspect of her powers negates others’ people’s powers. I guess that sort of makes her the new Haitian. Quentin’s reunion with his sister doesn’t go at all like he’d hoped.

Noah finally gets some good luck, and one of the most popular characters from the first Heroes series returns. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. The ramifications of what may happen next could change all, or at least most, of what we’ve seen since the Heroes Reborn series started. We also see the return of another character from the first series, and hints of another. Finally!

Taylor sees a message by the enigmatic Hero Truther, or Hiro Truther I suppose. We keep hearing it, but I’m not sure we’ve seen it written out. Either way, it inspires Taylor, who records her own message to try and contract him or her. Hero Truther is an activist fighting back against all the anti-Evo prejudice. Taylor’s message really ticks off her mother, Erica, and will likely set some more dominos in motion.

This episode made me wonder about something. Hiro’s prison was a really unique one. It seems to me that getting him there would require a different Evo power that we haven’t seen yet (that or a crossover with the Tron movies). That makes me wonder who has this power, and if we’ll see them. I get the obvious implication about who it possibly is, but I’d still like to see some passing explanation of that.

What I liked: We got to see three of the original characters come back. There’s one more they’ve been teasing I’m still waiting for, and at least one other I’d really like to know about, but it’s a start. I’m glad the various plots are starting to intersect, like Miko and Noah, and Luke and Malina. Miko proved she’s definitely a hero. I liked the developments with Emily and Tommy. And, as I said last week, I appreciate the absence of Joanne.

What I didn’t: Quentin’s reunion was very sad. Carlos made a very foolish choice that seemed questionable. Ren and Miko’s fight against a supposedly really tough end-boss seemed way too easy.

I’ll give this episode a 4 out of 5. Things are really moving now, and the twists and turns are making me wonder what’s going to happen next… or un-happen.