Agents of SHIELD: Devils You Know


“Devils You Know,” opens with a nice domestic scene of a couple making dinner. Gradually, they show that the man has powers, so, given the current storylines, he must be an Inhuman. The couple get two visitors in quick succession- Alicia, the “Ginger Ninja” from the SHIELD vs SHIELD battle last season, followed by Lash. As you can imagine, this doesn’t go well for anyone but Lash.

Mac and Daisy arrive on scene just a bit too late and what was supposed to be a recruiting mission becomes clean up and a crime scene. The only real clue they turn up is a strange e-mail the couple received. They cover what happens to the rest of Alicia when one of her duplicates dies- it isn’t pretty. As all this happens, Bobbi continues to be frustrated by not being able to get back into the field. Her rehab is certainly taking a while. Mac and Daisy have a somewhat humorous hunt for Lash that ends with them finding something else. 

They do a scene that I thought was some nice characterization work. Fitz and Bobbi bicker about evidence collection methods. Fitz is very used to working with Simmons, and, as many long-time partners do, they have their own methods and shorthand. Bobbi isn’t Simmons, and their differences are amusing to watch. The evidence in question is some hair from Lash.

The uneasy alliance between SHIELD and the ATCU continues, although I’m not sure what SHIELD is getting out of it. It seems to be more a convenience and flirtation between Roslyn Price and Phil Coulson than much of anything else. None of the people working for either of them seem happy about this team up. Even Ros and Coulson aren’t getting along completely.

Hunter’s story is continuing as well. May thinks he is out of control as he takes more and more risks to try and get to Ward. Hunter lacks May’s dispassion, and it’s worrying her. As some of what he’s doing gets back to Coulson, Coulson isn’t thrilled either. Ward is being a bit inconsistent- mocking the old SHIELD terms on one hand, but calling himself “Director” on the other. Oh well, I guess homicidal nut jobs don’t have to make a lot of sense.

Simmons’ sub-plot is moving forward. She has a session with Dr. Garner, and she’s clearly not ready to talk about a lot of what happened to her. Simmons is gradually letting a few people know some of what’s going on with her, but it’s a slow process and causing tension.

Garner has a scene that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. He complains to Coulson about SHIELD using Alicia without Garner evaluating her. Alicia isn’t some new arrival, she was fighting alongside SHIELD, granted the other one, for a while. Garner seems to have a very high opinion of his position with SHIELD, especially since he’s not really a member. He’s still maintaining his career as a teacher at the very least. He’s also trying to patch things up with May, but that doesn’t go particularly well.

SHIELD is still better at research than ATCU, or at least they are so far. They get a lead from the strange email, and trace it to a Dwight Frye in Baltimore. Coulson tells Ros about the information, and the groups meet at Frye’s place. Diasy finds Frye, hiding in a closet. Frye doesn’t display any powers, but he gets a rash and migraine when he’s near Inhumans. Kind of drawing the short straw in the power department, there. Frye talks about Lash as a man on a mission, doing what’s right. No one is persuaded, and he’s sent off to ATCU custody.

Daisy and Mac are still suspicious of the ATCU. Coulson arranges for them to go with the ATCU and check out their facility. Ros isn’t thrilled with this, but agrees after consulting with her right hand thug Banks. The transport gets attacked before they get there, which I find interesting on a few fronts. Lash kills Frye, so Frye can’t be questioned any further. Lash knew where to find them, which suggests inside information. And, Daisy and Mac didn’t get to the ATCU facility, so they get to keep their secrets. It seems like that worked out well for everyone except SHIELD. Interesting, isn’t it? Daisy manages to see enough to get a clue about one of Lash’s secrets.

Hunter finally makes some progress, and works in closer to Ward. I thought they’d draw this out longer, but from the way this goes, Hunter’s undercover attempt is over. Ward shows how much of an evil bastard he is. Ward gets some leverage over May which leads to a really interesting cliffhanger for the end of the episode. I’m really curious to see what exactly happened there.

What I liked: The tension between Bobbi and Fitz made a lot of sense. Not only is there the issue of Fitz and Simmons working together for so long, but both Fitz and Bobbi have other stress on them. Daisy and Mac’s hunting scene near the beginning was really entertaining. Hunter’s obsession with Ward is explained a bit better here, and makes sense to me. I’m glad that Simmons is finally telling Fitz some of what’s going on with her.

What I didn’t: Garner is trying to throw more metaphorical weight than he ATCUally has in my opinion. His objections about Alicia didn’t make any sense to me. I’m really hoping Coulson has a great plan in mind, because so far SHIELD isn’t getting much out of this alliance with ATCU. And, while I get it on both story and legal fronts, I don’t like that all the powered people they’re dealing with are Inhumans.

I’ll give this one a 3.5 out of 5. It had some good moments, for all that there were a few bits that didn’t make sense. Lash is getting more interesting as we learn more about him, and I’m really curious about the cliffhanger they ended on.


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