Heroes Reborn: The Lion’s Den


Heroes Reborn ends up in the “Lion’s Den” this week. Noah, Quentin, and Taylor are learning there’s a lot more going on at Renautas than they suspected, even worse than capturing and stealing powers from various Evos. They come up with a plan to try and get more information about what’s going on that requires more help from Taylor.

Far up north, Malina and her guardian, Farah, are working their way back from the wilderness. They are being hunted by one of the Harris’ and some assorted thugs. Farah also learns first hand how Renautas’ EPIC devices are bad for Evos. Whatever organization Farah is part of is having problems, as no one shows up to meet them. 

Back at Renautas itself, Erica figures out what’s happening with the sudden cosplay event out front. Harris offers to start arresting people, but Erica realizes the disaster that would be on social media. Even the bad guy is bowing to the power of Twitter. That’s a great sign of how much things have changed. Ren and Miko see Harris and start scheming to get her sword back.

Tommy is still dealing with the complications from being caught last episode. He goes through a series of tests and processes that aren’t exactly reassuring. I thought it was interesting that one of the things he is required to report is if he gains any new abilities. As Tommy is sorting through all this, Oscar out in Los Angeles is realizing that his nephew is missing.

Noah and company start to get a better idea about what’s going on at Renautas. Taylor realizes how much is going on that she has no idea of. What they are finding hints at the stakes being a lot higher than they had thought.

Having left Joanne, Luke is on his own and finally returns home. He goes through their house, reliving memories and reflecting on what he’s lost. One nice touch in the house was the 9th Wonder poster. That was the comic that was a part of the original Heroes story.

Tommy, while in custody, gets a few more surprises that are very upsetting. The government agency dealing with Evos, still unnamed as far as I know, isn’t the only one keeping secrets. The Penny Man, who also still doesn’t have a name, then shows up. Whatever is going on with him, he does seem to get in wherever he wants to. Tommy will later find himself on the receiving end of some serious anti-Evo prejudice, which seems to be going a lot farther than you’d think.

Carlos decided on a bold plan and goes to confront one of his enemies. It starts off going about as well as you’d expect, which is to say not at all. Then, the bad guy here falls afoul of the bigger bad guys at Renautas in a moment of wonderfully poetic irony. Carlos has to save his foe to try and rescue his friends.

Malina and Farah run into one of the ubiquitous Harris’, which doesn’t go that well for the heroes. Harris and Renautas have far too many advantages. I’m actually very curious as to why Harris works for Renautas. The company is clearly not treating Evos well. Does he think he’s going to be spared? Does he hate his own kind? I’d like to see this addressed at some point.

Things get kind of crazy near the end of the episode. Tommy gets some answers, but they lead to more questions. Erica reveals a bit about what she believes she is doing, and the fates of a few more of the characters from the original Heroes series. Luke walks away from his past life with a fairly dramatic statement. And Malina is on the run, having clashed with an Evo who seems immune to Malina’s powers.

What I liked: It was nice seeing Noah be the effective planner I remember from the first series. He’s a very formidable foe. I thought it was fitting that Farah figured out so much about the EPIC goggles so quickly. It’s good that Tommy has gone from fearing his powers to using them well. Carlos is certainly stepping up to the challenges confronting him. I’m glad Luke is away from the evil Joanne, who was happily absent from this episode.

What I didn’t: Renautas almost seems to have too many advantages. It’s a better story if the heroes have to struggle to win, certainly, but this is looking really bad for the Evos and their friends.

I’ll give this one a 3.5 out of 5. I’m looking forward to seeing how Noah and company pull off a victory from this set up.