Heroes Reborn: Game Over

This week’s episode of Heroes Reborn has the somewhat ominous title of “Game Over.” Since the EverNow game is such a big part of what’s going on, that really doesn’t sound good. The show opens with Noah and Quentin applying “vigorous interrogation” techniques to Harris, trying to find out what happened to Phoebe and, possibly more important for the world in general, Hiro Nakamura. Hiro’s been missing for a while now, and since Erica has his sword, and knows it important, she and her Renautas empire clearly know something about what happened to him.


Heroes Reborn: The Needs of the Many

“The Needs of the Many,” is the title of this week’s episode of Heroes Reborn. The different stories are starting to come together. While most of the characters still haven’t met, a lot of them are at least now in the same rough area. Renautas is the focal point of the bad guys as far as we have seen, and that’s where many of the characters are converging.


Heroes Reborn Two Hour Premier Special

I’ve been a fan of heroes, especially super-powered ones, for as long as I can remember. For whatever reason, the idea really resonates with me. So I was really excited when Heroes debuted back in 2006. I think the first season was absolutely amazing, with some brilliant ideas and executions. Even I will admit that it suffered badly when the writers’ strike screwed up season two, and it never quite recovered. But I still enjoyed it, even the less-good seasons. So I was excited when I heard it was coming back.


Geek Travel: EMP Museum

Seattle has a lot of very cool things to see. One that isn’t as well known, or at least not as well known as it should be, is the EMP Museum, which some call the “Sci-Fi Museum.” It earns that name. I’ve traveled around a good bit, and I enjoy museums, but I’d never seen or heard of one before dedicated to science fiction. This was an amazing place to visit.

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AwesomeconDC 2015

It’s a really interesting experience watching a con grow. I’ve been lucky enough to go to AwesomeConDC for all three years it’s been running so far. DC is a major city that didn’t have a con until recently (relatively), and it’s very nice to see that remedied. In three short years, AwesomeCon has grown quickly and achieved some impressive things.