Heroes Reborn: The Needs of the Many


“The Needs of the Many,” is the title of this week’s episode of Heroes Reborn. The different stories are starting to come together. While most of the characters still haven’t met, a lot of them are at least now in the same rough area. Renautas is the focal point of the bad guys as far as we have seen, and that’s where many of the characters are converging.

The episode actually picks up almost immediately after the last one stopped, with Tommy and his mother in the aftermath of their car accident. Tommy’s powers are very useful when someone needs immediate medical attention. Later, he and Emily also use his powers to get some much needed help for his mother’s recovery.

In St. Louis, Luke and Joanne, the Evo serial killers, claim another victim. This is apparently one too many for Luke, and he starts questioning their self-appointed mission out loud. This doesn’t sit well with Joanne. I’m not sure if they are trying to or not, but the writers are making Joanne almost entirely unsympathetic and unlikeable. She lost her son, that’s tragic, but she’s let that turn her into a murderer and a racist. She’s not even nice to her husband. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m just hoping she dies, preferably unpleasantly.

Ren and Miko are in Toyko, but they, too, are heading for Renautus. It’s a little odd that two kids are traveling internationally on their own. We know Miko’s father is missing because of whatever he’s involved with in the EverNow game, but we’ve heard nothing at all about Ren’s family. Ren uses his connections online to not only arrange their travel but come up with a hell of a distraction for when they get to Renautas. I’ll give him points, he was very clever with his ideas.

In Los Angeles, Carlos is still trying to figure out what to do with the new developments in his life. He’s working on carrying on his brother’s legacy, and going a little Batman in the process. It’s fun to see, especially when he’s essentially designing himself a Batmobile. Unfortunately, the corrupt police captain is still after the Evo Railroad, despite being an Evo himself. The captain, Deering, pays a visit and it gets ugly.

Up in the Arctic, Malina the mysterious blond is on the run with Farah, her invisible protector. Farah is interesting- she appears to be saying Muslim prayers, complete with prayer rug, even in the frozen north. I’m guessing there’s going to be an impressive backstory there. Malina and Farah move south, after a somewhat vague sign that it’s time. Malina’s powers involve “life,” which isn’t very precise, but we’ve seen her affect the Northern Lights, bring an apparently dead butterfly back to life and health, and grow a tree now. What does it say about Renautas that they are trying to hunt down and kill a person with life powers? Of course, they’re already rounding up Evos with a fervor matching the Nazis after the Jews in World War II, so we know they aren’t the good guys.

Noah and Quentin break into Renautas, crossing paths with a few other characters along the way. They find Molly, but it doesn’t exactly end up being a successful rescue. Noah doesn’t get his answers, and Quentin doesn’t find his sister. We do see how a facet of Harris’ powers work, which is a bit weird. There’s also a confrontation between Taylor and Erica over Taylor’s boyfriend Francis, a telekinetic Evo.

A lot of the characters end the episode on cliffhangers of one kind or another. Noah and Quentin are trying to get out of Renautas about the same time Ren and Miko are trying to get in. I’m sort of hoping they run into each other to condense some of the stories. Luke has a new situation to adjust to, while Farah and Malina are working their way south. But Tommy is worst off, at least at the moment, as his attempts to help his mother prove the old saying about, “No good deed ever goes unpunished.”

What I liked: Tommy is getting better with his powers, which is good. Noah’s resourcefulness and doggedness are always impressive. Erica is a ruthless, driven bad guy who is making me very curious about what she knows and why she thinks Malina may doom mankind. I like that Carlos is trying to take steps to become a hero for his brother and nephew. Mohinder’s voiceovers are really good; he has a great voice.

What I didn’t: Joanne. Pretty much everything about her is unlikeable. She’s a racist, a fanatic, and a bitch. I’m hoping that we get the PrimaTech/Renautas connection explained. They have been teasing us with both Hiro and Parkman since this started. I’d like them to actually show them to us before much longer.