Punisher: One Bad Day

        The second season of Punisher hits the rough halfway point with “One Bad Day,” which describes things for a lot of the characters. Then again, most of them have more than one.

Punisher: One Eyed Jacks

        We’ve learned a bit more about Rachel, Billy’s background, and a bit about the relentless Pilgrim’s family life. Now, we see the story move along on both the major plots, and get a bit more insight about our major characters, as well as see a Netflix/Marvel mainstay show up again

Punisher: Scar Tissue

Frank isn’t known for being kind to his foes, and he tends to leave a lot of damage in his wake. We’ve seen enough now to know there are two different battles he’s going to be fighting, and neither one is going to be pretty.

Punisher: Trouble the Water

At the end of last episode, you pretty much knew what was coming for episode three. The Captor, whose name seems to be John Pilgrim according to IMDB, has a large force of men surrounding the sheriff’s office where Frank and Rachel are. We already know this is a dedicated band of hired killers.

Punisher: Fight or Flight

To no surprise at all, Frank managed to end up in a fair amount of trouble in the first episode of his second and final season. An unknown foe is sending skilled teams of mercenaries after a girl he met at Lola’s Roadhouse, Frank’s new friend Beth getting seriously wounded in the major fight.

Punisher: Roadhouse Blues

              Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of the Punisher on Netflix has really impressed me. He wasn’t originally supposed to have his own series, but the fans reacted so strongly to his work that Punisher was added to the lineup.