Supergirl: Trinity


All for one, just not much for Lena…

The fight with the World Killers is building to something truly impressive as we see in “Trinity.” After so many secrets were revealed last episode, Lena Luthor is being questioned by the DEO, especially Supergirl, Alex, and J’Onn. She’s getting treated with a lot of suspicion, more than I really think is warranted. She tried to help Sam, and did a decent job of it. What are they, professionally jealous? She also very reasonably points out that she doesn’t work for them or report to them, and she is free to use her company resources as she sees fit. This really is one of those deals where I think the good guys are collectively wrong and need to switch to decaf or something. Saturn Girl talks about the future being in jeopardy, and then Lena reveals something that at least justifiably makes the others nervous.

At the Fortress of Sand-itude, the mysterious Guide talks to the World Killers about what needs to happen next in their plan. As you might expect, with them having that collective name, it doesn’t sound good for almost anyone. As the three link hands with a sparkle of energy, Sam finds herself in that weird foggy valley again. This time she’s not alone, as Julia pops up. Neither of them look good. The pair stagger off towards some strange version of another Fortress.

As about the only person left with a normal job, James is assigning reporters to the various events that have been happening lately when Lena calls him. It’s a nice, small scene, with a shaken Lena wanting some reassurance and a friendly voice, since she’s sure not getting that from the DEO. As their chat ends, Supergirl comes by to tell Lena how disappointed she is in her friend. Lena explains her case once again. Then, the sun suddenly goes into eclipse, Supergirl faints and starts getting visions. I know the Super-clan has all sorts of powers, but being psychic is new.

When she recovers and tells everyone she saw Sam, Supergirl calls it dark magic, which makes Lena uncomfortable. Supergirl talks about a parable from back home concerning witches and “blessed darkness.” They talk about how this might be working, and Supergirl decides to “fight fantasy with sci fi,” sure to trigger a bloody battle at most book clubs. They turn to Brainiac, who gets some of the best lines of the episode in some of these exchanges as he rigs up something to help them get to where Sam is. For some reason, it’s Supergirl, Alex, and Lena going, even though J’Onn has the most experience with psychic powers of the group and could look like any one of them.

Off in the valley of mystery, Sam and Julia stagger along, with Julia getting steadily weaker. Sam comes up with some desperate ways for them to fight back. As the team gets set up, Supergirl calls James to send Guardian off on a special mission. On the one hand, it’s the first time we’ve seen Guardian this season aside from him sort of being in the crossover. On the other, I don’t like what she’s asking him to do. It does sort of make them more like Superman and Batman, so there’s that, I guess.

On the Legion cruiser, Brainy is preparing to send the others off to the other realm, with help from Saturn Girl and Mon-El. Alex takes her turn to dump on Lena, who once again defends herself with perfectly logical arguments. Brainy worries that sending Alex and Lena along with Supergirl will weaken her. All three of them are still determined to go. Supergirl takes Mon-El aside, and Saturn Girl looks displeased by this. Supergirl makes a hard request of Mon-El and pushes him into saying yes, as Brainy veers back and forth between comic relief and harshly abrasive.

The trio get to the Foggy Valley and lurch around, a bit disoriented. Alex improvises some weapons for them, and Supergirl is just as powerless as Brainy predicted. They see something that’s not a reassuring sign regarding the fate of the World Killers. Somehow or other, they know which way to go and set off.

In the real world, Supergirl twitches and Mon worries. He and J’Onn have a heart to heart about wishing they could help her. Gee, if only they knew a telepath aside from the two in the room with them who don’t seem to be doing anything. Winn and Guardian go back in action in their sort of Birds of Prey set up, with Winn tossing off code names James refuses.

Supergirl is not used to being drained and winded, and laments about how humans must feel when they exercise. Supergirl and Alex are united in still being angry at Lena. Lena finally snaps a bit and makes a great point illustrating that she’s not the only one who keeps secrets. Their argument gets interrupted when they get attacked by some weird demon critters. They run to the Fortress and slam the door, finding Julia and Sam both looking not-so-good.

Guardian continues his secret mission, and gives into the stupid that’s infecting masked heroes in all media, wandering around unmasked not in their own base. Guardian finally comes to his own decision about his mission, which I suspect might have repercussions down the road. Brainy and Winn get another low comedy scene to end this part of things.

The three women try to reach Sam, who isn’t doing very well, but far better than Julia. They come up with a plan and ask something dangerous of Sam, as Supergirl has seizures in the real world. Brainy is worried about what’s going on, but Mon stops him from doing anything. Lena gives Sam a great pep talk, and she manages the favor, helping the others. Things start popping quickly as the struggle plays out in both worlds. The heroes pick up the hint from Sam and get set to charge into battle, but Winn gives Alex a little present first. Brainy pulls the plug and the heroes wake up, disappearing in front a very confused and pissed off Reign.

The good guys take the Legion cruiser to the Fortress of Sand-itude, and the fight is joined. Alex, J’Onn, Mon-El, and Saturn Girl drop in on the World Killers, while Brainy and Lena man the cruiser. The ship,was designed in the future for heroes to fly around in, and it both seems ridiculously fragile and somehow Lena can fly it better than Brainy. The fight doesn’t go well until someone changes sides. There’s a lot of high power combat which comes to a surprising end and a mixed win at best.

Mon and Saturn Girl celebrate their win. Even though things didn’t go as expected, they think they’ve managed to save their future. Mon isn’t as thrilled as he should be, and brings up a good point or two. Alex loves her new toys and teases J’Onn about not getting something like it before. J’Onn replies he doesn’t set the budget, which is fair enough, but makes me wonder where Winn got the money to do this. James follows through in his decision, and only then does Supergirl apologize to Lena. I just don’t like or get this.

On the Cat Grant Memorial Balcony, James and Lena get another good scene. I like those two together and they do some good things here. I like that they seem to be strong and trusting each other and working at that. They tell each other things, and Lena’s revelation is really disturbing and could shift one balance of power in that world. Reign decides on a new course of action, and the poor trapped and maybe forgotten Sam screams out her frustrations.

What I liked: I like the way Lena stood up for herself. Seeing the Legion in action was good, although I still say they should have brought more firepower. Brainy being on the sidelines because he doesn’t have his trademark devices from the future isn’t helping the Legion’s strength I like what James did. He and Lena’s conversation at the end was very well done. Brainy had some great lines. Alex’s new toys are great.

What I didn’t: I don’t like that Lena HAD to stand up for herself. I think everyone was being very unfair to her, especially her “friend” Supergirl. I don’t get why J’Onn sat out the mystic journey. The Legion cruiser is way too fragile and too lightly armed.

Aside from a few bits of weirdness, this was a good episode. I’ll give it a 3.5 out of 5.