Supergirl: Trinity

The fight with the World Killers is building to something truly impressive as we see in “Trinity.” After so many secrets were revealed last episode, Lena Luthor is being questioned by the DEO, especially Supergirl, Alex, and J’Onn.

Supergirl: Of Two Minds

Supergirl and company start off with a scene that will make you not want a cookie for a while. After that, they go back to following up on the dead birds that were raining down at the end of last episode.

Supergirl: Fort Rozz

Since the second half of this season seems to be focusing a great deal on Reign, they need to learn more about her. So it makes perfect sense that this episode would be about trying to gather some intel about her. But to do that, they need to revisit something that was important season one and has largely faded since then. Supergirl and company pay a visit to “Fort Rozz.”

Supergirl: Legion of Super Heroes

After a few weeks off for the winter break, Supergirl returns, and she’s not alone. Now, the Girl of Steel is allied with a version of one of DC Comics’ biggest and most powerful teams, which also gives us the episode title: “The Legion of Super Heroes.”