Supergirl: Fort Rozz


Girl power? I guess?

Since the second half of this season seems to be focusing a great deal on Reign, they need to learn more about her. So it makes perfect sense that this episode would be about trying to gather some intel about her. But to do that, they need to revisit something that was important season one and has largely faded since then. Supergirl and company pay a visit to “Fort Rozz.”

The episode opens with a nice touch of continuity, with Alex still recovering from the broken leg she suffered in the fight against Reign last time. Kara, Samantha, and Ruby come by to visit, and the subplot of the week gets kicked off when Samantha has to leave town on a business trip for Lena, her sitter cancels, and Alex offers to watch Ruby. I have a very strong suspicion about the future of this storyline, but we’ll see what happens. Kara is there just long enough to say hi before being called off for work.

Their best shot at learning more about Reign (When did she adapt that name? She said she would reign when she tossed Supergirl off a building, I don’t know that she ever said it was what she was called) is a rogue priestess. She’s not only imprisoned in Fort Rozz, she’s the one the place is named after. Some time back, Supergirl tossed the fort into space, and it’s now orbiting a blue star. Because of reasons, this means that A) Supergirl will have no powers there and B) no males can go because they’ll die. I get the power thing, but really? A man-killing star? While she’d be appalled at the comparison, Supergirl forms her own version of the Suicide Squad, recruiting her previous foes Live Wire and Psi, with Saturn Girl volunteering to come along and the use of the Legion cruiser. What’s probably the C-line plot kicks off when Winn is showing Brainiac 5 around the DEO headquarters, and Brainy mocks their technology.

While the impressively short trip to Fort Rozz’s new location takes place, Samantha leaves amid a flurry of advice from Lena, Alex gets a text from Maggie, and Ruby gives Alex a great compliment. The cruiser arrives amid turbulence (in space?) and Winn and Brainy bicker over coms trying to give advice. The team goes in, finds a dead guard who demonstrates why the place is female-only, and notes that all the cells are open. That can’t be good.

Back on Earth, Reign visits her Fortress of Sand-itude and gets told about Supergirl’s mission. How the advisor there knew about it, I’m not clear. So Reign gets her own tiny little ship and sets off in pursuit. Back at the fort, the team encounters a vicious warrior who recognizes Supergirl’s crest and attacks. Supergirl and Live Wire team up to drop the fighter, and for unclear reasons, Psi attacks Saturn Girl. Saturn Girl is a highly skilled and powerful telepath in the comics, and this shouldn’t have been a problem for her.

Alex and Ruby have a heart to heart about Alex’s break up with Maggie. They take care of the simple task Maggie asked for. This segues into Ruby revealing she’s being bullied because she wouldn’t let a girl copy her homework, and we now have a buddy-movie minor adventure in play.

After Psi’s treacherous (and pointless) attack on Saturn Girl, Supergirl puts the damper back on her, negating her powers. Psi and Live Wire go back to bickering. Their new prisoner, the defeated warrior, gives them dire warnings about the priestess they’re here to speak to. The ship begins shaking and now there’s both a solar flare and Ft. Rozz is falling out of orbit and will crash into the star it’s orbiting. This team can’t catch a break. The ship starts overheating, and Supergirl decides to push on and find the priestess. Live Wire goes with her, Saturn Girl starts repairing the ship, and Psi sulks. Brainy keeps sulking about the DEO’s “primitive” technology, and Mon-El advises Winn to just let him fume. Supergirl talks with Live Wire about the complicated situation with her and Mon-El and Saturn Girl, which leads to jokes about the Real Housewives. Those two encounter some odd mist, lose track of each other, Live Wire has a not really well-explained fight scene, and Kara starts hearing voices. Or one, anyway.

Alex pays a call on Ruby’s bully using her fake FBI cover, and throws a scare into her. I’ve heard some people complain Alex bullies young Erica, but I really don’t see it that way. After they leave, Ruby suggests paying a visit to a girl three houses down who pushed her in kindergarten, and Alex tells her not to push it. It’s an amusing line, but considering we’ve heard about how much Alex and Ruby moved around before the present, it’s kind of unlikely the childhood bully lives that close by. Brainiac 5’s whining actually gives Winn a good idea, and they manage to reestablish communications with the Legion cruiser.

Saturn Girl, Imra Ardeen, keeps working on the ship as the temperature rises. Psi stops sulking long enough to do nursery rhymes when she sees Reign’s ship arrive. Kara gets some really cryptic information from the priestess. Reign catches up with them, and still has her powers somehow or other. The priestess gets a surprise of her own as Reign says her powers aren’t dependant on a star. So… she’s not Kryptonian after all? Supergirl tries to break through to her, but Reign isn’t interested in listening. Around the time Live Wire shows up and starts fighting, Psi convinces Saturn Girl to remove her damper again and let her go after the (other) villain. The fight rages on, Psi briefly makes a very confused Samantha pop out of Reign’s control, and there’s a fatality. Reign gets control again and runs away.

The team gets home to various happy reunions and welcome backs. Supergirl feels bad about the one she lost, and arranges a small favor for the survivor. While this happens, Alex and Ruby finish Alex’s small task, and Sam comes back, once again demonstrating that no one on these CW shows locks their doors. Sam then confides in Alex she’s losing time as she realizes she missed her business trip entirely. Hopefully someone figures that out soon.

Mon offers some good advice to Kara, and commiserates about leading people into battle and not bringing all of them home. The Legion has had its losses over time, but this really makes me wonder which ones of them are already dead in Mon-El’s time line. Is that why only 3 of them came back? Kara compliments him on giving much better advice now. Elsewhere, we see some of what the priestess warned about coming true.

What I liked: Live Wire entertains me. Ruby and Alex were good together. I think Alex handled the bully quite well. The end scene with Mon and Kara was nicely done. Winn managing to show up the more advanced Brainiac made me smile.

What I didn’t: Lots of little bits of this one didn’t make sense. Live Wire’s fight was really unclear as to exactly what happened. The man-killing blue star seemed like a stretch. Reign keeping her powers while Supergirl lost hers was a bit odd. Why Psi chose to attack Saturn Girl and how she managed to effect her that badly, seemed weird. Did they just abandon all the survivors on Fort Rozz to plunge into the unnamed star? Do they still have the woman they beat prisoner on the ship?

The second half of this season hasn’t really impressed me so far, and that says a lot since I’m a fan of the show and the Legion of Super Heroes. I’m giving this one a low 2.5 out of 5.