Legends of Tomorrow: Swan Thong

The entertaining misfits that make up the Legends of Tomorrow are a lot of fun to watch. They’re not exactly a serious show, breaking the fourth wall at random, making all sorts of in-jokes, yet still managing to save the world, history, or time itself on occasion.

Legends of Tomorrow: Hey, World!

It’s been a wild ride for the Legends of Tomorrow’s 4th season. There have been magical creatures, maimings, possession, and musical numbers. Now, with “Ner-Ray” posed to take over Hell and become a lot more powerful, the team needs to find a way to wrap everything up, stop Neron, and free Ray.

Legends of Tomorrow: Seance and Sensibility

  Following up on the surprises at the end of “The Get Away,” things aren’t off to a great start for the team in “Séance and Sensibility.” The title is a fairly obvious pun, giving a hint of what’s to come. There are a lot of strange things in this episode, including a funeral, a…

Arrow: Lost Canary

The titular hero takes a backseat on his own show once again to give some other characters air time. A recent subplot takes center stage, more of Emiko’s background is investigated, and another character takes their leave.

Legends of Tomorrow: Lucha de Apuestas

   After what’s becoming the usual longer than normal mid-season hiatus, the Legends of Tomorrow return, taking the time-slot vacated by Black Lightning. It’s good to see the crew of misfits again, as they find ways to “screw things up for the better.”