Legends of Tomorrow: Hey, World!


Seriously, what is she wearing? Anyone? 

It’s been a wild ride for the Legends of Tomorrow’s 4th season. There have been magical creatures, maimings, possession, and musical numbers. Now, with “Ner-Ray” posed to take over Hell and become a lot more powerful, the team needs to find a way to wrap everything up, stop Neron, and free Ray. That’s a lot to do in one hour, less commercials. There are some interesting twists ahead in the season finale, “Hey, World!” As is often the case with season finales, there will be some spoilers.

`The Waverider has become a refuge for the magical creatures they saved from Neron’s plan, but it’s tight quarters, and the crew adapts with varying degrees of success. Zari brings up a plot point from last episode that Ava didn’t know about, and it gives the Time Bureau director (I think she still has that title) more to worry about. Tabitha seems to know a lot more about Charlie than we do, and that has bad implications for Neron’s plans. And, as seen last time, Nora ends up in hell, where her new costume stands out a lot. She does manage a dramatic entrance a few moments later, and frees John Constantine. The two start a plan to find and free Ray.

Just outside of Washington DC in 2019 (actually, and rarely for this show, I think everything takes place in 2019), Nate and Zari go looking for her younger self. What they find doesn’t match Zari’s memories, so things are already changing. They almost manage to complete their mission, but Neron’s EYES app helps throw a monkey wrench in the works. “Ray” is testifying on Capitol Hill, and the setup he and Tabitha planned starts off pretty well. Some of the Legends show up, there’s a fight, a rescue, and some odd acceptance of the outcome.

Astra, the girl John Constantine lost to Hell, proves to be a part of the plan, and she’s sharp enough to see through some initial smoke and mirrors. John appeals to her new and greedy side, and she’s interested enough to play along. The Legends get brought up to speed by Charlie, while Tabitha encourages Neron to take the next step. Far down below, Constantine sees this as a sign to get moving, and gets a great line.

Mona is back to her earlier job as magical creature caretaker, with Gary’s not wholly willing help. There’s a conversation about monsters, fear, imagination, and making use of the internet, and a plan begins to form. The idea seems doomed from the start as they have a serious timing issue. They get in references to both Woodstock and Field of Dreams. The team from (or in, I guess) Hell starts their break-in, and Astra shows again she’s not in it to just help them out.

The team comes up with an idea to save their plan, and Ava is worried about some complications to it. Mick has already taken care of it, and that’s a side/short story I’d really love to see. Ava surprises Mick with her thanks, the plan kicks into high gear, and Zari figures out some possible complications if they succeed. Sara says she won’t lose another Legend (remember that line) and comes up with a way around the problem.

Constantine and Company (that’d be an odd sitcom) find Ray, as well as a familiar face that goes all the way back to season one. The Legends make a commercial and there’s an amusing joke about the crossover from this year. Mona tries to line up the next step of the plan, and, while it doesn’t go smoothly at first, Charlie helps out and gets some surprising results. There’s an entertaining reunion in Hell, and then reinforcements are on the way for the Legends.

The team explains to John what they’re up to, and the cynical warlock is not convinced. He mentions another option to Sara and Nate, but it’s on the extreme side and Sara won’t even consider it. Nate and Zari serve as the advance team, and the plan begins taking shape. Literally. There’s a lot of fanfare and big crowds and pretty much everything the team tends to try and avoid. Amidst a few carefully worded Disney references, things proceed, with Zari safe on the ship and the others working the crowd. If you’ve ever heard a somewhat stilted after school special, you get an idea what’s happening. Of course, nothing goes smoothly for the Legends’ plans, and this is no exception. Complications include the arrival of Tabitha, a captured creature showing up in a much different form, and the Monitor, herald of the major upcoming event for the CW-verse next season… eats popcorn. Evidently, even powerful multidimensional beings aren’t immune to the Legends’ form of craziness.

There’s a battle royale between the heroes and the annoyingly persistent villains. Things are slipping away from the heroes when they get some surprising help from a very unexpected source. One of the villains get dealt with in a fairly definitive manner, and I don’t think we’ll see that one again, which I’m fine with. The other one takes up where the first one fell, and things are looking grim. But there are plans within plans, and a few of the team pulled off a con job, playing on someone’s ego and hatred. It’s not a bad plan, but the side effects aren’t good for one of the characters. The team gets the audience to come together in a moment a bit like that “I do believe in fairies” scene in Peter Pan. One of the team gets a surprise reunion, and a comeback scene fitting with the Legends’ general weirdness.

But, like I said, nothing goes smoothly for this team. Even with a more or less happy ending and the defeat of the remaining foe, time catches up with someone. There’s a major change, but, given its nature, no one really notices. Despite this loss, the team moves along, with a gleeful Sara leading them back to the ship in search of the next adventure. Personally, after all that, I might be taking the vacation Constantine interrupted a while back, but hey, that’s me. There’s an end scene that follows up on something they left loose earlier, and I suspect that’s going to be a major part of next season.

A note on next season: they’re pushing the big crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths, really hard already. We already know it’s going to be a big event, both from the name (taken from the most far-reaching comic book event ever done), and what we’ve seen so far on Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl. There is, unfortunately, a decent chance the Legends might be left out again. The show is coming back for another season, but as a mid-season replacement, like this year. So their regular season will likely start after the major event. Either they are going to miss it, or they’ll be guests on the other shows without a full episode of their own. Or there will be some kind of special, I suppose. It will be the end of Arrow, and might include the new show, Batwoman.

What I liked: The reunion in Hell was really entertaining. The help they got in that final big fight made sense but was a nice twist regardless. This really exemplified what Legends of Tomorrow has become: heroic comedy with some serious and touching moments. The show has gotten a lot better since embracing the silliness with open arms. The sort of cameos by the big stars of the CW were nicely done. John Constantine helped secure victory not through raw power but trickery, which is very fitting for him.

What I didn’t: With what happened at the end, I’m going to go ahead and say one character’s love-life is cursed. At least one of the team that used to have a secret identity most likely doesn’t anymore, and it might be two. When she first popped up, there was the beginning of a romance between Gary and Mona, which they definitively move away from in this episode, and I think that’s too bad.

It was fun, which is what this show is best at. I’m giving this a high 3.5 out of 5, and I’m looking forward (I think) to some of these ramifications playing out next season.