Inhumans: Something Inhuman This Way Comes…


Reunited and it feels so good…

The Inhumans’ first (and possibly only, judging by the ratings) season continues with their over-dramatic titles. This week’s is “Something Inhuman This Way Comes…” The opening scene is sort of entertaining, with Karnak experiencing what might be his first “morning after” where the woman is actually still there. His reactions are entertaining, and Jen is both amused and exasperated by turns as he babbles. The good feeling lasts until they decide to get breakfast, at which point they walk out of the tent into Reno’s gun in their faces. Unlike most villains, Reno doesn’t lecture, he just shoots. Karnak’s power is coming back, and he deals with the bullet in a unique way that saves them, but injures Jen. They beat a hasty retreat, aided by Reno getting a phone call.

Elsewhere, the roadtrip continues in the stolen convertible, as Louise drives Black Bolt and Medusa around. Between Black Bolt’s signing and Medusa’s answers, we get a feel for the conversation as they catch each other up. The King is not happy to learn what happened to Medusa’s hair. Louise isn’t happy when Locus starts banging from inside the trunk. They finally let her out, and she snarks about how the Royals treat everyone, which makes Louise wonder about what Attilian is really like. Maximus calls and Medusa takes Locus’ com-unit, exchanges threats with Maximus, and then Black Bolt crushes it.

At the barn, Lockjaw is mostly recovered. Audrey isn’t buying the story about the Inhumans living on the moon, despite the huge dog right in front of her. After a lot of talk, Crystal decides it’s time to find the rest of her family. David believes and goes for the ride, as Lockjaw teleports away, leaving behind a stunned Audrey.

While Declan does autopsies on the Inhumans that died in the fight in Declan’s compound, Gorgon wanders the jungle, thinking about Karnak. There’s a flashback to them in Attilian, and Gorgon making some interesting interior decorating choices. Gorgon finally finds the spot where Karnak fell, sees the blood, and starts tracking him. I’m sort of curious how someone who has lived his whole life in a very small city knows how to track, or how he knew it was Karnak’s blood.

Reno’s new partners in the drug trade show up, and he tells them about Karnak and Jen being on the loose. Reno gets a taste of his own medicine, while Jen and Karnak try and get away. As this happens, Maximus talks with his friend on the Genetic Council, and changes his mind about the proper address from his subjects.

Karnak does some unique medical care for Jen’s wound as they skulk around in the trees. Declan gets a nasty surprise during autopsy, and starts to realize what he’s dealing with and the position he’s in. Karnak gets the other half of the flashback we saw Gorgon have earlier, and those two have an odd relationship. As all this goes on, Sammy, Black Bolt’s friend and recent co-escapee, has been captured by Mordis and Flora. Auran starts plotting how to capture the wayward Royals.

Dave gives Crystal a lesson in Hawaiian beach life, which she really isn’t equipped to process. Karnak attacks the drug dealers and things go mostly, but not fully, his way. On the road, Louise is intrigued by Locus’ power, and then appalled at learning more about how Inhuman society works. Even Medusa seems to be having some second thoughts about their system.

Maximus basks in the glory of the throne he usurped, and then argues with his flunky from the Genetics Council. There’s a lot of self-justifying speeches, first to the flunky, then to his father’s statue. Maximus is doing his best to make himself seem like a self-sacrificing hero, even while he’s forcing people to join his anti-Black Bolt posse. Maximus is very fond of the “you have to earn your freedom” mantra.

Gorgon sees the smoke from the chaos Karnak caused, and actually stops before rushing in for once. Eventually, after more fighting and running, Gorgon and Karnak are reunited. Gorgon seems pathetically happy to hear Jen say Karnak talks about him a lot. They hear more noises, and get ready for another battle with these drug dealers, but are relieved when Black Bolt and Medusa appear, Locus and Louise in tow. The happy reunion is marred by Locus dying from a lethal wound no one noticed her getting. With her dying breath, she urges Black Bolt and Medusa to change how they lead the Inhumans.

Auran starts putting pieces of her plan together to lure Black Bolt into a trap, because that’s worked so wonderfully well so far. Declan is not happy about the latest twists in his alliance with Maximus. And Tibor, Maximus’ ally/flunky in the Genetic Council, gets a surprise after another argument with the unstable usurper.

What I liked: Karnak is at least getting some version of his powers back, finally. The family is mostly reunited at last. Louise is an entertaining outside view into Inhuman society, and might be more useful later. Karnak’s first scene with Jen was fun to watch.

What I didn’t: For two powered, trained Inhumans, Gorgon and Karnak seem to be having a lot of trouble with a small group of human drug dealers. Locus’ sudden death seemed to come from nowhere. I’m getting a bit sick of Auran and Mordis. They’re not evil, inspiring bad guys, they’re just annoying and cliched. Lockjaw’s power is seeming less and less useful if it wears him out so badly each time. I don’t see the point of Crystal’s scene on the beach, aside from filling time.

I really like the Inhumans, and this show has some actors I’ve enjoyed in the past, but it’s not coming together all that well. I’m giving this one a 2.5 out of 5. If they don’t get it together in these last few episodes, I really doubt they’ll get another season. Maybe they can guest star on SHIELD later.