Inhumans: Havoc In The Hidden Land


Ain’t family reunions a bitch?

The Inhumans are almost done with their first, and most likely only, season. The penultimate episode is “Havoc in the Hidden Land,” although a fair amount of the havoc happens in Hawaii, not Attilan. At least they resolve one of the things that’s been bothering me since the first episode.

Auran and her group flee from the wreckage of Declan’s lab, but get headed off by the Royals, with some help from Lockjaw’s teleportation power. They figure out the connection between Maximus and Declan, and the scientist takes a sort of weasel-stance, seeming like he’s playing both sides. The group figures out that Maximus is angling to go through Terragenesis again, and what this means about the Genetics Council. Sammy, the man who shared Black Bolt’s prison cell, isn’t with them and is never seen again. I don’t know if he died in the lab, or just wandered off, or the writers forgot about him like all the characters seem to have.

A somber group shrouds Gorgon’s body and tries to decide what to do next. Karnak takes some fairly decisive action on his own and kills Auran. Of course, with her powers, she’ll be back, as Karnak reassures Medusa. The Queen isn’t happy with the way any of this is going, and tries to talk everyone down. Medusa ominously warns that actions have consequences, and Karnak agrees, saying that this is a lesson Maximus is about to learn.

Crystal and Lockjaw teleport to Maximus to demand parley, which kept giving me visions of Captain Jack Sparrow, personally. Maximus agrees, and they set the meeting for midday. Maximus smiles smugly, saying he’s getting what he wanted: his family is coming to him. I have no idea why any of them are trusting the backstabber. He does at least look shaken by the news of Gorgon’s death. Back on Earth, Black Bolt, Medusa, and Karnak debate their course of action.

Black Bolt has a surprise or two in store himself, and has Lockjaw bring them to the beach. Many rulers keep secrets when they need to, and it turns out Black Bolt is no exception. Not seen since the first episode, Triton emerges from the waves, although what the point of him playing dead was, I’m not sure. The pleasure of Triton’s return is dampened by having to tell him about Gorgon’s death. Lockjaw relocates them to a hidden survival bunker deep under Attilan that even Medusa didn’t know about. Medusa makes her displeasure known, and Karnak warns Declan to keep his comments to himself in colorful fashion.

Black Bolt and Medusa have another debate their relationship, and she makes a good stand for herself. In the upper levels, Auran revives to find Maximus waiting for her. They debate Maximus’ motives and what’s best for the Inhumans, as well as Gorgon’s death. Maximus goes on about his grandiose plans, and he’s sliding towards his comic book name, “Maximus the Mad.” Of course, in the comics, he has powers, so none of this would have happened.

Declan and Karnak plot what to do and snark at each other, mostly on Karnak’s side. Maximus gives a speech about the tragedy of Gorgon’s death, but somehow brings it around to being all about him. Kinda reminds me of a current political leader in the real world.

At the time for the gathering, the rules for the parley are gone over again. Essentially, it comes down to safe conduct for both parties. The Royals teleport in, and Maximus keeps up his smirking. Medusa had hoped for this to be more private, but Maximus is determined to make a show of it. Maximus manages to both keep the letter of the parley and break the spirit of it. They part on bad terms and Black Bolt leaves with a threat, delivered via Medusa’s translation.

Declan is amazed by the wonders of Attilan, but Maximus just wants to see the scientist’s work. Maximus is fairly focused, you have to give him that. The usurper has some large ideas about how to use Declan’s work, which Declan isn’t sure is going to be safe. Auran comes in near the end of the conversation and reports that Maximus’ short-sighted policies are having a bad effect on the city as a whole. Again, reminds me of some real world issues.

In the bunker, Medusa admits she was wrong about Maximus, and that he lived down to Black Bolt’s expectations. There’s a brief flashback of Medusa and Black Bolt meeting for the first time (if that meeting was in the Quiet Room we later learned Karnak designed, he must have engineered it when he was about 14 or something). Medusa’s impassioned pleas about shared pain don’t really impress Karnak, who seems to be the group cynic. They argue about a desperate plan of Karnak’s, with Black Bolt and Medusa both telling him no.

Karnak’s power is working at least better now, as we see when he confronts Auran and some guards. After thrashing the guards, Karnak makes a pitch to Auran about them working together. Interestingly, they’re both arguably betraying the ruler they’re supposed to be serving with this scheme. There are some strange alliances forming and shifting here.

Medusa and Crystal get to have a sisterly chat. Crystal misses Dave, her beach bum back in Hawaii. Medusa agrees that both, not all humans are bad and that they don’t have a lot of friends up here on the moon. Crystal is envious of the “normal” lives she says she saw on Earth, although I don’t think any of the Inhumans really saw much by way of normal, except maybe Black Bolt’s time in jail.

Karnak and Auran continue with their own plan, and talk about their experiences on Earth. They’re both changed by things they’ve learned about themselves, their rules, and their powers. They linger to see if their idea is working, but they hear voices coming and go their separate ways.

When Maximus and Declan arrive in the Terragenisis chamber, Declan calls the smaller chambers telephone booths. They notice the remnants of Karnak’s plan in one of the chambers and both are confused. Then, there are moon-quakes and power flickers as a guard reports problems in the city. Maximus leaves to deal with it.

Attilan shakes while Maximus goes through one of the passages with his contingent of guards. Triton turns up and he fights like a ninja. I have no idea why Gorgon, and not Triton, was captain of the guard. Triton is the best fighter we’ve seen this series. Eventually, he captures Maximus and brings him to the bunker. Maximus smirks more at Black Bolt, and then reveals his backup plan and how not-good of a ruler he is. Back in the Terragenisis chamber, Declan gets a nasty surprise as something finally happens.

What I liked: Triton is back! And damn, he’s an amazing fighter. I’d love to see him team up with John Proudstar/Thunderbird from Gifted, but sadly, those are two different segments of the Marvel Universe. The family is more or less reunited, and finally taking the fight back to Maximus. Auran is finally listening to her conscience. Medusa is trying so hard to stop her husband from making some serious decisions without at least considering alternatives and consequences.

What I didn’t: What the hell happened to Sammy? I get being concerned about choices, but why is Medusa defending Maximus so much? Are the people really this stupid, to blindly follow Maximus? Why was Lockjaw getting “sloppy” from multiple teleports at the start of the series, but seems fine with it now? Declan needs a spine.

This is, in my humble and semi-professional opinion, the worst project Marvel Studios has put out so far. This one gets a 2.5 out of 5, and we’ll see how they wrap it up.