Inhumans: …And Finally, Black Bolt


Back to the classic look to finish

The Inhumans get to the end of their first, and most likely only, season, with “And Finally… Black Bolt.” Maximus keeps going on about his failsafe that will doom the city if he doesn’t check in every hour. Clearly, this a ruler who values his subjects. Maximus drones on about his glorious plans, and seems to have no interest at all in Black Bolt’s very legitimate concerns with them. While Black Bolt and Medusa make plans to evacuate if they need to, Karnak goes skulking around by himself and gets captured and tossed in Black Bolt’s Quiet Room.

Medusa goes to see Louise via Lockjaw-power (sure, NOW he can go where he’s supposed to) and is a bit surprised to get a big hug from the scientist. When Louise sees the case Medusa has, she asks if the queen is moving in. Medusa explains her plan, that she needs a favor, and that, with the dome possibly on the way out, Louise can’t come see Attilan.

Gorgon-stein isn’t doing well with being brought back to life, and is stalking around, seething with barely repressed rage. Dr. Declan tries to calm him, and things don’t go well for the scientist at all. When guards show up, Gorgon charges them and is put to sleep by the powers of some young boy.

Black Bolt and Triton move Maximus through the tunnels below the city. Maximus isn’t exactly cooperative, and tries to draw some guards to help him, forcing the really impressive fighting force that is Triton to kill them all. Karnak’s attempts to escape the Quiet Room are interrupted when the guards toss in Gorgon. Gorgon-stein almost goes after Karnak, but his cousin manages to talk him down. A distraught Gorgon begs for help.

Maximus and Black Bolt have some one on one time in the tunnels, and Maximus is just as much of a jerk in the present as in a flashback scene. Gorgon and Karnak have their differences over Gorgon’s return, but Karnak figures out a way to turn his cousin’s power to his advantage, and they get out, if a bit messily. Crystal makes arrangements with Eldrak to evacuate the remaining Inhumans to Earth.

Black Bolt and Maximus take a wrong turn and pop up in the middle of a group of resistance fighters. Black Bolt isn’t happy with his brother, but doesn’t want him summarily executed, either. Gorgon and Karnak link up with Triton, which seems to be the majority of the capable fighters the Royals have. Maximus is upset when he learns the Terrigen crystals are gone, so he can’t get his precious second Terregenesis. He draws some reassurance from one of his pet psychic’s vague predictions. Maximus gets to the control room and makes a ranting address to the people that confuses about everyone before vowing to never surrender.

Medusa pleads her case to Louise’s boss, a suited man I’m not sure we ever get a name for. She gives the population of Attilan at about 1400, which is really small for a “city,” and says they’ll need a place of refuge. He thinks Louise and Medusa are both nuts until Lockjaw teleports in with Crystal. Then he changes his tune and says he thinks he can help. I kinda wonder if he’s attached to either SHIELD or whatever they’re calling the pro-Registration forces from the Civil War developments in the Cinematic Marvel Universe.

While Medusa agrees to do something for Louise, Karnak studies the situation Maximus created with the dome and says there’s nothing he can do. Karnak is fairly sure Maximus doesn’t know what he did, either. Black Bolt shows up and is stunned to see Gorgon up and around again. The King isn’t happy, but accepts it for now, and somehow calms Gorgon with a touch.

The Royals find Medusa, who is also shocked at Gorgon’s return. Through Medusa, Black Bolt designates Gorgon as Karnak’s responsibility. For now, the more important priority is evacuating the city. Medusa still wants to try to reason with Maximus, and uses Auran to arrange a meeting. I think Medusa is being naive at this point. Maximus is high-handed and dismissive of Medusa, and still thinks he can save the city whenever he wishes. They don’t find a way to agree, even after Medusa tries to negotiate with one of the Terrigen crystals. Maximus remains ragingly unbalanced, but Auran enforces the safe-conduct pledge.

Black Bolt agrees they should start the evacuation, and they hack into the city communication system. They tell the people the truth about what’s been going on, enraging Maximus further. He takes the brilliant tact of allowing the city to die, and finally manages to drive Auran away from him. The Royals, acting like real leaders, are trying to save as many of the people as they can. Medusa honors Louise’s request before everyone gathers in the throne room. Black Bolt orders everyone to leave Attilan and goes to handle his wayward brother on his own.

Black Bolt and Maximus have their confrontation, and Maximus has descended to full blown supervillain. He reveals some evil from their past, showing his madness isn’t a recent development. Black Bolt punches him out, which he had coming, and then passes sentence on him in a very grim decision.

Finally, the surviving Inhumans are reunited on Earth. The Royals are back in their formal clothes as they address the people. It’s a nice little speech, and a decent place to end the season (and likely series) but I have so many questions. Where are they? Who is Louise’s boss? Who does he work for? What happened to Sammy? Did Auran make it out? I suspect we’ll never know the answers to these questions.

What I liked: Black Bolt finally took charge of the situation. The family got back together. Triton is a bad ass. Louise’s request was touching. Black Bolt managed to find a fair sentence for Maximus.

What I didn’t: The destruction of Attilan was a really big part of their mythos gone for no good reason. Maximus was just ridiculously annoying. This just wasn’t a really well done story. Too much of what makes them unique and powerful characters just wasn’t there. They never did really link up with the rest of the Marvel Universe.

I’ll give this episode a 3 out of 5, and the series as a whole a 2 out of 5. I like the Inhumans, but this was not a good version of them. I don’t know if they will be back, and I don’t know that I want them to be without some major changes.