Inhumans: Make Way for… Medusa


Well, that’s two of them. Now if we could just get the rest of the family back together…

The Inhumans continue their over-dramatic titles with “Make Way For… Medusa.” I think they’re going for the 60’s style with these. I can just see the big colored font surrounded by some jagged word-bubble and an exclamation point at the end. Vintage Stan Lee era wording.  The Inhumans continue their over-dramatic titles with “Make Way For… Medusa.” I think they’re going for the 60’s style with these. I can just see the big colored font surrounded by some jagged word-bubble and an exclamation point at the end. Vintage Stan Lee era wording.
Anyway, we see Black Bolt and Sammy in Declan’s chopper, presumably going to Declan’s lab and notional safety. Black Bolt looks a bit bemused as he figures out how to use the headsets in the helicopter. Declan is part scientist and part fanboy as he goes on about Inhuman genetics and the things he hopes to learn from them. Sammy is worried about being experimented on, and Black Bolt gestures to the ring on his finger, showing he wants to find Medusa. Declan tries to reassure both concerns.
Medusa is with Louise, the scientist she carjacked, trying to follow the chopper. Louise, even in mid-pursuit/kidnapping, notices Medusa’s ring and links it to what she saw of Black Bolt on the news. She must’ve been looking at some real high-resolution pictures. I never even noticed either of them was wearing a ring until this episode. The police aren’t too fond of how Medusa is making Louise drive, and it gets worse when the Queen of the Inhumans starts feeling pressured by the pursuit.
Maximus has a discussion with one of his advisors that shows he’s a kind and considerate boss of the Darth Vader school of management. While he threatens his underlings, Crystal argues with the biker that hit Lockjaw at the end of last episode about pretty much everything. The biker turns out to be named Dave, and he conveniently knows of a vet nearby.
Louise and Medusa continue their not-so-excellent adventure after they lose sight of Declan’s chopper. Between the energy readings she detected earlier, and the weird hoof she saw, Louise figures out that the Inhumans live up on the moon. She’s a bit taken aback to hear that Gorgon, Black Bolt’s cousin, is the one with the hooves. Medusa just wants to find her family and get home, while Louise is all excited about the possible scientific discoveries all this represents.
Black Bolt and Sammy get some non-prison-orange clothes, and Declan enthuses over their DNA. Apparently, Inhuman DNA is not only different from regular human, it’s different from humans who gain powers, like Luke Cage or Spider-Man. Declan is impressed with what he figures out about how powerful Black Bolt must be, and realizes what a burden that power must be. Once he’s alone, Declan calls his mysterious backer. I’m not shocked to learn who it is, but I have a lot of questions about how that works. It’s not a smooth conversation, with neither side being happy about what they find out.
The next few scenes check in on the various cousins. Karnak is settling in with his drug dealer group, and teaching them the finer points of efficient irrigation. Given how limited space is in Attilian, it makes sense they’re concerned with making the most of what room they have. Gorgon and his surfer militia are on the run from Auran and Mordis, with one dead already. They refuse to let Gorgon tell them to get away from him for their own safety. Meanwhile, Mordis, Auran, and company are not enjoying their walk in the woods.
Louise and Medusa, back at Louise’s hotel room, keep bickering. Louise is doing what she can and Medusa is acting like, well, royalty. Louise is using her satellite access to track Declan’s chopper. They annoy each other further by Medusa going through Louisa’s stuff including a toy rocket ship, and Louise being amused by Medusa’s name contrasted with her now very short hair. The brewing argument gets interrupted when Medusa sees cops coming in and Louise realizes she’s not good at being on the run.
Maximus has another tense meeting with his man on the Genetics Council, who is not happy at Maximus’ newest idea. At the lab, Black Bolt and Sammy are looking at pictures of various Inhuman subjects Declan has, but none of them are any of Black Bolt’s kin. While Sammy and the King ponder their next move, Medusa and Louise flee the hotel and we see Louise has a major attachment to that rocket ship. Louise gets even more confused at Medusa’s passing reference to her “teleporting dog.”
Dave and Crystal keep arguing, with even more disagreements as Audrey the vet arrives. She’s Dave’s ex, so you know that’s going to be nice and smooth. Audrey is stunned at seeing Lockjaw, and a lot of mutual incomprehension comes to the fore as they all either don’t listen to, or don’t understand, each other.
Louise takes Medusa out for lunch, and Medusa loves the food, talking about how there’s no meat in Attlian. I guess that makes sense, with space and resources so limited. Medusa talks more about her family, and, after hearing the names, Louise comments that hers sounds a lot better to her now. Louise tracks down where the chopper went, and Medusa takes off with the information.
Auran checks in with Maximus, who likes being called King (there’s a surprise). Auran reports that they are closing in on Gorgon. Maximus tells her he knows where Black Bolt is, but they can’t kill him yet. Auran also oversteps the narrow bounds of her place with Maximus, and he calls her on it quickly.
Jen and Karnak go for a walk, and Karnak can’t handle the idea of just going out without a purpose or a destination. He’s very confused by this idea. They end up on the beach, and Jen starts stripping to go for a swim. Karnak is at a loss, since I suspect he hasn’t had a lot of girlfriends from what we saw in the first episode, and they don’t swim in Attilian, since there are no bodies of water. Jen comments that Reno doesn’t swim, and Karnak says he exhibits sociopathic tendencies. He’s definitely a voyeur, since he’s spying on them as they wade and end up kissing.
Louise catches up with Medusa, and they bicker more. We learn why Louise is so attached to the toy rocket, and it’s a really weird thing to do. We also see more of Medusa and Crystal’s family background. The Inhumans aren’t really noted for being lenient with people who disrupt their social order.
Gorgon is still on the run in the woods, and not sure what to do next. He comments that Karnak would know what to do, but he’d need Karnak to find Karnak in all this. Lockjaw, apparently, gets sloppy when he gets tired from using his power, which may explain why they all got scattered. So far, Gorgon’s story seems the least interesting, as all they’re doing is running and hiding. I’m not sure why we keep needing to see more of that.
While Dave teaches Crystal about high fives, and Jen brings Karnak into her tent, under Reno’s disapproving glare, Black Bolt and Sammy start wondering about their conditions. There are a lot of guards around for a lab. Sammy wonders if the people they saw pictures of before are prisoners. They begin plotting their own escape.
Max faces down the Genetics Council and forces his own brand of reasoning on them. They don’t do well in the transition. As Black Bolt and Sammy start to try and stage their escape, Auran shows up at just the wrong time and tries to bluff that she has Medusa captive. Black Bolt is surprised to see Mordis with her, and Mordis taunts Black Bolt about which of them is more powerful. The tense standoff is broken when Thelma… err, Medusa and Louise arrive in a convertible and run Mordis over. In the resultant chaos, the two women, Black Bolt, and Sammy manage to escape. Black Bolt is surprised about Medusa’s new hairstyle, and glowers when she blames it on Maximus. The episode wraps up with a hint that things are about to start getting interesting for Karnak.
What I liked: I’m enjoying Louise, now that we’re getting to know her better. Karnak is totally out of his element with Jen, and it’s amusing to watch. I’m glad that Medusa and Black Bolt are together again. Now if they could just the rest of the family united… Dave seems like a good guy, although the stereotype dynamic between him and Audrey is a bit boring. Mordis getting run over was fun to see and well-deserved.
What I didn’t: The Gorgon story needs to either actually do something or stop popping up every few scenes. It’s not going anywhere. Lockjaw’s injury just seems to be a “how can we keep them separated longer” development.
It’s a decent show, but not the highpoint of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not even the television corner. I’ll give this a low 3 out of 5 and hope they start kicking up the action soon. It’s only an eight episode run, folks.