Jessica Jones Episode 11: AKA I’ve Got The Blues


Jessica and Trish aren’t pleased by how things are going

Jessica Jones starts building towards the finale with episode eleven out of thirteen, “AKA I’ve Got The Blues.” They cut back and forth between the present time and the early days of Jessica being taken in by the Walkers. From the hints we’ve had about Mrs. Walker, it’s no surprise that it wasn’t an idyllic time.

Trish, as a kid, isn’t thrilled about suddenly acquiring a sister, which is fair enough, and an honest enough reaction from a teenager. Mrs. Walker is all about making Jessica’s tragedy into a PR opportunity. She’s a cold, manipulative woman, and I’m surprised Trish turned out to be the woman she is.

In the present, the members of Malcolm’s group who were part of the chaos are trying to get their stories straight. Jessica suggests a lie that makes sense, and Robin, surprise, surprise, doesn’t want to go along with it. Eventually, Jessica persuades them all, and the interviews with the police are dealt with.

Jessica and Trish team up to search morgues. Jessica believes Kilgrave will kill Albert soon, and the body will turn up as a John Doe. Trish uses some of her celebrity clout to smooth the way, but they don’t manage to find anything. Trish, wisely, suggests they get some sleep. Jessica agrees, and then keeps going. She pushes herself beyond exhaustion, and manages to both get herself hurt and endanger some other people, too.

After a day at work, Trish has an argument with Simpson, who tries to excuse his behavior with the drugs he’s been taking. They agree to talk later, but Trish’s later changes a bit when a very wounded Jessica calls. Trish obviously cares a lot for her adopted sister, and it’s nice to see someone do something for our battered hero.

After another flashback that shows Jessica discovering her powers, she gets woken up in the present by a phone call. One of her contacts in the morgue has ended up with another John Doe. The bad news is, it’s not Albert. The worse news is it’s Detective Clemons. In a big lapse from the writers, they have Jessica creeping around in the morgue examining files bare-handed. All private investigators are fingerprinted, and breaking and entering will get your PI license pulled really quickly.

Jessica calls Trish for help. Trish tries to go to her, but Simpson is lurking in her hallway yet agin. Their argument is interrupted when some of Simpson’s associates from his mysterious program show up. Simpson ends up taking some fairly brutal action, and then locking Trish up in her own gym to get hold of Jessica. Depending on the moment, Simpson seems to want to kill Kilgrave, Jessica, or both of them. All those red pills he keeps popping aren’t doing wonders for his reasoning abilities.

Simpson shows up at Jessica’s place and they have a discussion. By which I mean a knock-down drag-out fight that pretty much trashes Jessica’s place, including major holes in the walls. I do feel bad for whoever Jessica’s landlord is. The fight is more even than it should be, between Simpson’s magic red pills and Jessica’s already extensive injuries. Trish shows up to save the day, putting her own fighting skills to use, as well a souvenir Trish picked up earlier.

Jessica and Trish win the fight, but not without a cost. Jessica helps save Trish’s life. While Jessica sits by Trish’s hospital bed, Simpson is collected by some of his previous associates and taken off to an uncertain fate.

After Robin and Malcolm debate the nature of people, Jessica gets a text. It’s rude and taunting, so it pretty much has to be Kilgrave, telling her that if she hurries, she might get to her boyfriend in time to say goodbye. Jessica rushes to Luke’s bar, and gets there just in time for it to blow up with Luke still in it. Kilgrave is definitely fighting back against Jessica’s attempts to capture him.

What I liked: I’m not wild about flashbacks, which I think are becoming very over-used, especially in the hero genre. These were well done, and showed some really important moments in Jessica’s life. The fight with Jessica, Simpson, and Trish was brutal but very nicely filmed and choreographed. The Marvel/Netflix shows seems to be very good at their fights. This episode also showed Jessica’s detective skills, easy to overlook in a superhero drama. I also like that Malcolm is optimistic, but not unreasonably so. They are doing a nice job of making us wonder about Simpson’s background without actually spelling it all out for us.

What I didn’t: Robin. She seems to exist to make people feel bad. I get that point of view, but I keep hoping Kilgrave will come back and complete the set.

This is another great part of a fantastic series. I’ll give the episode a 4.5 out of 5. The finale is fast approaching.