Titans: Trigon

Last season of Titans ended in a major cliffhanger. Trigon made it to Earth, Dick fell under his sway, and his most powerful allies are trapped outside the cloaking/force field.

Titans: Hank and Dawn

The Titans only have 11 episodes in their first season. Compared to a lot of shows, that’s not a lot of time. So it makes the choice to devote all of episode nine, “Hank and Dawn,” to the Hawk and Dove characters we haven’t seen since episode three very puzzling to me.

Titans: Donna Troy

  I’ve had a lot of problems with this Titans series. I disagree with the way they are handling just about all the characters, especially my personal favorite, Dick Grayson. So with this episode named after another favorite, “Donna Troy,” I was a bit worried. Turns out, in my view, Donna is the most accurately cast, written, and acted Titan so far. I was very impressed.

Titans: Jason Todd

After the surprise appearance of Robin II, Jason Todd, at the end of last episode, he and Dick spend some time together in the episode appropriately enough called, “Jason Todd.”

Titans: Together

After taking an episode to introduce the Doom Patrol ahead of their own series (a strange choice with so few shows in the season), the Titans’ fifth episode, “Together,” finally does have the four main characters spending time together.

Titans: Doom Patrol

Episode four of the Titans is “Doom Patrol” and that pretty much says it all. It’s an odd choice to detour to an entirely different group so early in the first season of a new show.

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Rebirth: Titans 1

Like a lot of long time DC Comics fans, I loathed the reboot they did several years ago. Then, recently, Rebirth started, and it seemed like the people in charge were finally listening to some of the fans. Rebirth undid a lot of what the reboot did to DC’s history.