Rebirth: Titans 1



Like a lot of long time DC Comics fans, I loathed the reboot they did several years ago. Then, recently, Rebirth started, and it seemed like the people in charge were finally listening to some of the fans. Rebirth undid a lot of what the reboot did to DC’s history.

The one group unquestionably screwed over by the reboot more than anyone else were the Teen Titans. The management clearly didn’t have a plan for the team. A lot of long time characters were gone, and even the characters left contradicted each other about whether or not the Titans had even existed at all. The recent Titans Hunt miniseries helped fix a lot of that, then Rebirth, and now the new Titans book.

Wally West, formerly Kid-Flash, then Flash for a few decades was finally back… sort of. He made it back to the main DCU, or this version of it anyway, but no one remembered him. Barry finally managed to make the connection, saving Wally’s life and bringing him back. Now, Wally’s trying to reestablish some of the other important connections in his life.

Wally has a new costume, and probably a familiar problem for many of the Titans. Wally isn’t the Flash, and they have a new Kid-Flash, arguably two. So we have no idea what name Wally will be operating under. But now we know with who. Wally reunites with the Titans. At first they don’t know him, but thanks to some Speed Force ex machina, their memories, even some pictures, are restored. The heroes have a great moment of coming together, and vow to find out who or what altered everything.

Plot: This was mostly set up, bringing Wally back to the Titans and reestablishing their history and friendship. For Titans fans, it was wonderful. I’ll give the plot a 4 out of 5, admitting I may be a bit biased.

Art: The art was good overall. We’re still stuck with the (in my opinion) ugly DCNU Robin costume, which I don’t like. It was nice seeing some of the original costumes in flashback (Wally’s Donna’s). I’m not sure about Wally’s new costume. It has some elements of both his classic Kid Flash look, blended with the Flash costume. Also, the credits on the last page were all lower case, which just doesn’t look right. Yes, I’m picky sometimes. I’ll give the art a 3.5 out of 5.

Positives: The core Titans are back together, more or less. The original five, plus Lilith, who seems to be taking Raven’s role in several ways. I’m so glad to see some old favorites working together again. The art was, overall, good. The flashbacks showed bits of all their histories.

Negatives: One of Wally’s major relationships seems to have been retconned, and I’m not sure I like that. I still think Roy looks goofy with a baseball hat as part of his costume.

Rebirth in general, and this comic in particular, have me feeling better about DC Comics than I have in several years.

Rebirth: Titans 1

Writer: Dan Anbett
Artist: Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund
Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse
Letterer: Carlos M Mangual
Cover: Booth, Rapmund, Dalhouse