Green Arrow: Rebirth 1



I was one of the many long-time DC fans who didn’t like much about the reboot. I was absolutely thrilled when many elements of it seemed to be “fixed” in my admittedly biased term, when the Rebirth special hit the stores on June 1st. Now some of the new stories are being explored in more depth. 

Green Arrow and Black Canary were one of my favorite comic book couples, and I was really annoyed by the “no happy relationships” edict the DC powers that be handed down about their characters. To me, it seemed short sighted and spoke of a certain lack of maturity as well as underestimating the readers.

In this issue, they meet up. There’s the somewhat cliched misunderstanding and small fight between heroes, but that is mercifully short. They work together to help a lost child, at first bickering but coming to some measure of respect for each other. At the end of the book, they exchange real names and it’s the start of what I hope to be their romantic relationship once again.

Plot: I am biased, and I admit this. But getting these two together again goes a long way in my book. The “case” their on isn’t that inspiring, but how they react to it and each other is. I’ll give the plot a 3.5 out of 5.

Art: I just didn’t quite like the art, and I’m not entirely sure why. Some of the bad guys are drawn to look like monsters, although they aren’t as far as I could tell. Or, if they were, they didn’t seem to get any benefit from their not being normal, no powers or the like. Some of the poses the characters were in seemed a bit odd. I’ll give the art a 2.5 out of 5.

Positives: Green Arrow and Black Canary together again is the biggest positive I can think of. Their initial sparring becoming attraction is done well. Green Arrow is shown having a really good knowledge of Seattle, which makes sense if he’s been operating here for so long.

Negatives: As I said, some of the art was a bit odd. I could have done without their mini-fight, and, as always in such cases, wonder where Canary got the weird robe/shroud thing she was wearing when they first met up to cause the confusion. I admit I prefer my archers to use recurve, rather than compound, bows, but I also am aware enough to know that’s a personal prejudice.

Overall, I though this was a good issue and hopefully the start of something new and great.

Green Arrow: Rebirth 1

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Otto Scmidt
Letterer: Nate Peikos
Cover: Juan Fereyra


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