Titans: Together



About halfway done and they finally work together. Progress? 

After taking an episode to introduce the Doom Patrol ahead of their own series (a strange choice with so few shows in the season), the Titans’ fifth episode, “Together,” finally does have the four main characters spending time together. “Titans, Together!” was also as close as the comic book version ever got to an official battle cry, like the Avengers, “Assemble!” They’re taking their time getting the show moving, and even this episode seems a bit slow at first.


Dick has sold his beloved Porsche for a minivan, to accommodate the four of them traveling around together. They check into a seedy motel, and then go to a conveniently abandoned large building nearby. Dick wants to see what they can do, and we learn that, essentially, this is very much a work in progress. Kory, it turns out, can hit the inside of a barn, which would be better if she hadn’t been aiming for a large tractor. Her flame powers are wide-beam and uncontrolled, nothing like her pinpoint precision starbolts in the comics. Gar gets the expected jokes about having to be naked when he changes, but Dick and Kory are impressed by the large green tiger. Gar, too, is much more limited and lower power than his comic book version, and so far we’ve only seen him do a tiger, not the entire animal kingdom he can pull off in the books. Rachel’s demonstration goes badly, since she’s both very conflicted and possibly tapping in to an evil source for her power. Dick dodges questions about what he can do and they go back to the motel. The manager clearly has the hots for Dick, another nod to his comic book reputation as being a ladies’ man, although this incarnation lacks his easy charm in the books.


Kory goes to a nearby liquor store, has an amusing scene there considering her options, and then brings Dick the dual gifts of tequila and herself. Dick and Kory were a long-running couple in the comics, so I guess they’re going for that here. Personally, I’ve always preferred him with Barbara Gordon, Batgirl/Oracle. While we know Batman and Alfred exist in this world, I have no idea about the rest of the Bat-family. Rachel and Gar hang out, but don’t get a love scene, which is a relief considering how young they are here.


The group’s night is interrupted by the Nuclear Family showing up once again. There’s a pitched battle that isn’t going to do much for the poor manager’s property values. Dick finally changes to his costume, prompting an awe-struck Gar to say, “That’s Robin!” The team eventually wins and captures the Family. The interrogation afterward gives them a slim lead to follow up on. Dick, channeling more Batman than Robin, goes off to investigate on his own. The others object, but he essentially tells them to sit and stay. After he leaves, we see the lengths Adamson’s organization, whoever they are, will go to in order to keep their secrets.


Dick meets up with the mysterious man behind the Family, Dr. Adamson. Adamson warns Dick he has no idea what he’s getting into, and mixes threats and breakfast offers. The man does love to cook. Dick, being in civilian clothes and alone, gets overwhelmed when a huge fire-team shows up and takes him down with gadgets, training, and numbers. Just as things look bleak for Dick, he gets a last minute surprise rescue. Not only have we never seen his savior before, but, from the few lines at this point, neither has Dick. It was a hell of a surprise to end the episode, and did bring in another character that has at least a thin tie to the comic book Titans.


What I liked: We finally got to see everyone in action together. The training sequence was a bit reticent of the comics, and let us, and all of them, get a feel for the group potential.  I was very happy to see the Family defeated. They’re annoying. It was an interesting note that Robin is so famous Gar knew him on sight. I guess this world doesn’t really have the “Batman is just an urban legend” version going. The last minute rescue was interesting, and I’m very curious to see what they do with this character. The owner/manager getting so interested in Dick so quickly was an amusing nod.


What I didn’t: I get we’re not going to start with the polished team the Titans eventually become, and this is essentially a team origin story, but man this is a slow build. I understand he’s got issues from his past, but I think more people are interested in Robin than Dark and Brooding flavor Dick Grayson, and he seems to be avoiding his costume whenever possible, even when it would be useful. Everyone is a lot lower powered than the comic version, with the possible exception of Rachel. None of them have codenames or costumes yet except for Robin, and we still don’t even have a hint of a group name.


I’ve heard a lot of people really enjoy this show, and so far I’m not really seeing it. Maybe I’m too much of a fan of the comic book version. I’ll give this episode a low 3 out of 5. Things should start getting interesting soon with the various other characters who are supposed to be showing up.