Supergirl: For Good


Do You Have Any Idea What My Deductible Is?

The Supergirl versus Reign story continues in “For Good,” which seems like an apt title for Supergirl in general. Kara is having strange visions of Reign and her fellow world-killers (such a cheery title) and goes in to the DEO to find no one has really made any progress. Mon-El drops a few vague hints about what’s going on, but can’t reveal too much because of his time in the future. The team makes a few vague plans to try and figure out ways to find the bad guys.

After confiding in Alex last time, Sam is letting her run some tests. Alex was a doctor before the DEO, which I don’t think we knew, and explains a few random things I’d wondered about from various scenes, including the big crossover this year. Sam expresses a big dislike for hospitals and tests, and Alex is weirdly wearing what looks a lot like a Starfleet uniform to me. Maybe it’s an unofficial crossover?

Lena and James are continuing their slightly awkward flirtation, or whatever you want to call it, when the mood gets spoiled. As they’re about to head in to a place for brunch, Morgan Edge is coming out. He is snarky and annoying and generally unlikeable to both of them before taking off. Just as I was wondering why he wasn’t using a driver, which seems more his style, his car goes nuts. Credit where it’s due, Edge is resourceful about how he manages to get out.

Olsen is trying to run a meeting about the escaped prisoners from Albatross Bay when a very much the worse for wear Edge comes in, spewing hate and accusations. After a lot of hard words all the way around, Olsen pretty much threatens Edge into leaving. After that confrontation, James, Lena, and Kara compare notes about Edge being madder than usual.

Alex is puzzled by the rest results for Sam, but at least doesn’t have anything hugely negative to report. She’d like to consult a specialist, but Sam is reluctant. She’s also feeling guilty that she’s becoming a burden to Ruby, Lena, L-Corp, and all her friends. Alex and Sam compare notes on the problems with going the tough loner routine, and then Alex gives Sam a small present to cheer her up.

Things take a turn as Kara, James, and Lena try and puzzle out what happened to Edge. Lena gets her coffee from Tess, and it’s not exactly her usual order. James rushes off to find the guy behind the substitution, getting a few surprises as he does, and Kara risks a lot to get Lena some help. Alex’s knowledge and Kara’s powers combine to at least keep Lena stable for now.

Edge gets another nasty surprise as he goes to his replacement car. On the one hand, it’s nice to finally see Guardian again, but on the other, this is a questionable few things for him to do. I’d like to point out that everyone is assuming Edge is behind the attempt on Lena, but then, he’s assuming the same about his car. Maybe a few of the allegedly smart and skilled investigators on this show should take a breath and look for actual evidence?

J’Onn and Kara talk about her actions to save Lena and the general lack of progress tracking the world killers. J’Onn offers her encouragement, but also jumps on the “blame Edge” train. He talks about some Martian history he’s reminded of, and praises Supergirl as a beacon of hope.

Lena wakes up on her couch at CatCo, with James and Kara conspiring to cover up her trip to the DEO. There’s more of the blame Edge game, and Lena is getting really pissed off. The one lead is that the bullet used to tie up a loose end earlier seems to be a really special one. Lena follows up on that later, by herself. She ends up at a different company and gets a big surprise.

Lena has a surprising talk with, of all people, her evil mother Lillian. I really do wonder if anyone in the Luthor family who doesn’t have an L initial is just banished somewhere. Lena tries to follow the logic behind her mother’s twisted form of devotion. Lillian is both professing her love and being dismissive of Lena at the same time. I don’t care how rich they are, the Luthor family is just not one I’d want to be any part of. Lena does get a clue about what Lillian might be up to next.

Back at CatCo, Lena comes back, worries Kara a bit, and then Alex and Sam show up. Sam finally tells them what’s going on with her, and they are all concerned and supportive. I will point out that, once again, an emotional, supportive scene excludes all male characters. Maybe they’re going a bit too far the other way on the stereotype spectrum? Sam has a particular concern that goes towards reinforcing a theory of mine about what’s to come down the road.

The infamous CatCo balcony is the site of another big emotional scene. Lena confesses to Kara that she almost killed Edge before, back during the big “kids being poisoned” scandal. Kara, ever the optimist, points out that Lena didn’t go through with it. As they debate, and make references to classic literature, Edge pops up on tv and Lena gets a better idea what’s going on.

Things come to a dramatic climax at a gala for the Parks Department. All the players are here: Edge, Lena, Kara, and the DEO listening in via comms. There are accusations, subtle uses of powers, and raging ego. Only Edge would be flattered to learn one of the world’s most wanted terrorists is trying to kill him. Things escalate from verbal to physical when Lillian shows up and pulls an oldie but goodie out of the Luthor arsenal. Lillian is not at all pleased to see Mon-El show up and lend a hand, since she’s both rabidly xenophobic and thought she had gotten rid of him already. Eventually, the bad guys are beaten and the heroes come out on top. Interestingly, we never firmly establish who hacked Edge’s car to start all this off, or who poisoned Lena for that matter. And no one seems to care. Lena is very pleased with her recent choices.

Alex comes up with no answers for Samantha about what’s wrong with her. This is both good and bad, since yay she’s not sick, but if not, why is she having blackouts? I guess they don’t have a test for alien possession and/or multiple personality disorder, whichever fits. Mon and Kara have a good talk, and then Winn comes up with an idea to try and find the other world killers after Kara identifies one. This could be interesting, next episode.

What I liked: The friendships on the show are strong, and I like seeing that. I’m glad Mon-El is helping more. Lena is an interesting character, and I like that she’s walking the fine line on the good side so far. Alex being a doctor makes a lot of sense and clears up a few things. She’s nuts, but I sort of understand Lillian’s devotion.

What I didn’t: They never solve the central mysteries here. And, of course, Saturn Girl (or J’Onn for that matter) could clear all this up and that’s never even suggested. Hell, we never even see Saturn Girl. Who hacked the car? Who poisoned the coffee? We have assumptions, but no answers.

This was a bit of a muddy episode that needed some clarity. I’m giving it a low 3 out of 5.