Agents of SHIELD: Best Laid Plans


See how Yoyo is smirking? The Kree are about to have a bad day.

The Agents of SHIELD are finally getting their footing under them in this dark future as they deal with the “Best Laid Plans.” Mac, Yoyo, and Flint have teamed up and brought in some others to start showing the Kree that humans aren’t just mindless sheep. Things are going well for them to start with, although Mac is getting worried that Flint is becoming overconfident. I agree with the big guy.

Kasius is less than pleased to learn of recent developments. He’s furious the humans are rebelling, and even more so that they have weapons. He takes some of his frustration out on his “servitors,” and then makes some ominous comments about what he’s going to do next.

Coulson shares his plan, such as it is, with Enoch. The artificial alien seems a bit doubtful but genuinely curious about how this is going to work. A nasty gravity storm is approaching, and the team has a desperate idea on how to avoid it. Enoch has more doubts, and May snaps at him until he goes away. After that, May, Coulson, and Daisy have some banter regarding what they learned about Robin’s past. Daisy gets the best lines in the exchange. Elsewhere in what’s left of the Zephyr, Deke confronts Voss over Deke’s father’s death. Voss is very much a fanatic about his choices and how he thinks everything needs to happen. Voss not only sticks to his guns, he tries to bring Deke around to his point of view.

Mac and Yoyo are having some differences over how to keep their rebellion going, especially where Flint is concerned. At times, I really do think Mac is borderline too soft for this kind of work, and needs to just stay in his workshop. Their discussion is interrupted by a very surprising return, which is sort of a callback to something that happened to Coulson long ago. This causes more tension with Flint, who gets an amusing nickname from Mac, and things get worse when Kasius’ demands are relayed.

Coulson and Daisy have a chat as he works on his artificial hand. She has a lot of doubts given what they’ve learned about the history of this timeline, and even Coulson is having a hard time talking her around. As this goes on, Fitz and Simmons are trying to repair the ship, making surprising discoveries, and debating the nature of time travel and its effects. The storm gets worse as the team tries to figure out a way to get everything going the way they want it to.

Mac, Yoyo, and Flint find out the nature of the threat Kasius is holding over their heads, and it’s bad. Daisy and Deke work on a few small repairs, and she encourages him that he’s getting the hang of being a good guy. As conditions deteriorate, they evacuate all the civilians to the relative safety of the caves.

Voss keeps being a pain in the ass while Coulson shows him more mercy than he deserves, and we get a few more details about the disaster in the past. Mac and Yoyo make a desperate decision, which Flint first disagrees with then wants to join them on. They make some alternate arrangements instead.

The Zephyr is shaking as conditions worsen, and Enoch and May bicker more. Well, more like May is picking on him, really. Deke is not happy about how things are going, and wonders where his self-preservation has gone. As the last of the civilians escape, SHIELD gets an unwanted visitor.

Kasius gets more unwelcome news as the humans refuse to bow to his will. They make some threats of their own, which angers him a lot. May is ready to play pilot in their scheme, but they find more problems along the way. Daisy and Deke go to see if they can do anything before the worsening storm manages to kill them all and make Kasius happy.

Yoyo and Mac have a few disagreements as they go to meet Kasius. I’m really enjoying Yoyo’s way of handling Mac. While they find and argue with Kasius, Daisy and Deke find some problems in the forms of gravity disturbances and then Sinara herself, come to wreak more havoc. Their fight goes on as gravity becomes more of a suggestion than a law, and the others try and keep the Zephyr on course. The argument with Kasius continues while Daisy and Sinara go out at it, and Deke proves to be the well-intentioned but not really effective comic relief in the battle.

As Mac and Yoyo’s plan is revealed, and enrages Kasius, the Zephyr finally makes it to the lighthouse. We do get to see that Kasius is a smart evil dictator, and has plans specifically for Yoyo. It was a neat little trick, I have to say. The team finally reunites as Kasius makes more ominous statements about what he’s going to do for revenge.

What I liked: As always, the banter on this show is great. The scene with May, Coulson, and Daisy debating parenthood is probably my favorite. I like that Yoyo clearly likes and respects Mac, but isn’t going to do what he says just because he says it. Kasius’ trick for Yoyo was slick. Enoch is really growing on me as a character.

What I didn’t: Flint is being an overconfident jerk. I get that he’s young, but it’s still getting old fast. Voss’ unwavering fanaticism is also wearing thin.

Overall, it’s was a great episode and has been a pretty good season. I’ll give it a 4 out of 5.