Comic Book Classics Revisited: The Death of Superman Part 6


Comic Book Classics Revisited reaches the home stretch of the epic story The Death of Superman!  Last time, we discovered that Doomsday’s bloodlust is leading him directly to Metropolis after seeing a commercial for a wrestling match being held at the arena in Superman’s adopted home city.  It doesn’t take long for Superman to catch the gist of what Doomsday’s up to when he hears Doomsday sorta speak the word “Metropolis” when looking at a road sign for the city of tomorrow.  After Superman and Guardian were both knocked out near the Cadmus home base, Doomsday is coming for Metropolis…  And there’s no one stopping the monster from arriving.  Now, let’s take a look at Superman: Man of Steel #19 also known as The Death of Superman Part 6!

At a construction site not too far outside Metropolis, Doomsday is having some fun breaking stuff, smashing machinery, and turning the workers into skin bags of bone goo.  Soon, Superman swoops in and breaks up the massacre by resuming their epic battle.  Superman picks the monster up and flies toward space.  In the Daily Planet’s chopper, Lois and Jimmy are starting to realize that Doomsday may just be the very worst that Superman’s ever faced.  In their concern, it is starting to seem as though they aren’t so sure Superman is going to come out of this alright.


Back at Tree City, Guardian comes to and is contacted by Dubbilex, one of the cloned creatures created by Cadmus.  They discuss what Doomsday is and Guardian expresses his hope that it was not one of Cadmus’ little creations.  After reading the mind of Doomsday, Dubbilex reveals to Guardian that the monster is pure hatred, anger, and destruction.  Because Doomsday is such pure emotion, there is no real way to figure out where he came from.

As news of Superman’s struggle against the monster begins to reach far and wide, Martha and Jonathan Kent, Superman’s Earth parents, watch on in horror.  Martha is upset how the news is treating Superman as entertainment despite how much snot is getting beat out of him.  Jonathan tries to ease her mind by saying that he doesn’t believe they mean to be so callous, but they just simply don’t believe anything bad can happen to him.  Meanwhile, Doomsday crashes into Underworld and begins to beat up on the poor deformed citizens who have no hope to stand a chance against the monster.  Doomsday inadvertently frees the prisoners taken at the beginning of our story, and when they try to kiss up to him, this happens to their heads…

“Heh heh… Um, I guess we really didn’t need our heads after all. Thank you, Mr. Doomsday.”

When Superman comes to pull Doomsday back up to the surface, he realizes a gas main has been ruptured.  Doomsday’s foot gets snagged on a power line and BA-DOOM! a whole city block ignites into a fiery hell.  The shockwave of the explosion wreaks havoc on the following news choppers causing two to nearly crash into each other.  At LexCorp, Luthor finally agrees that Supergirl needs to go and help Superman protect Metropolis.  She arrives just in time for save Superman from a particularly dangerous moment when some of Doomsday’s protruding bones stab the man of steel in the side.


As Supergirl enters the fray, a couple of Superman’s pals, a guy named Bibbo and Professor Hamilton, wheel out a doomsday weapon of their own to try to blast the other Doomsday to his death.  After Supergirl doesn’t do much at all to help, Bibbo and Hamilton (kinda sounds like a 70s soft rock duo) use their weapon.  It does work in bringing Doomsday out of the sky, but they didn’t really think this all the way through as the hulking beast falls straight toward them and the roof they are on.  While Superman is busy saving people from the massive explosions occurring all over the joint, Dan Turpin (the very guy Grant Morrison turned into Darkseid in Final Crisis) and his special police unit arrive with massive guns to try to bring Doomsday down.  This also doesn’t go over well and Superman tells Turpin to get him and his special unit out of the way and get to safety.  Cadmus sends in shock troopers who fire laser weapons while Superman and Doomsday duke it out in the middle of Metropolis leading us to the best possible cliffhanger this story could provide in the penultimate issue…


“Metropolis is where I hold the line!”

If you think I’m done with this edition of Comic Book Classics Revisited, then you are crazy because, brother, there’s no freakin’ way I’m not going to discuss Supergirl’s big moment in this issue.  I believe I mentioned in the past how Supergirl was a part of one of the funniest and best comic book panels ever.  I’d sprinkle “in my opinion” into that sentence if I gave a shit about what you thought is the best comic panel ever was.  Instead, no, there is no possible way your most favorite panel is anywhere near as good as this:

Holy Jeebus that was her face!

Holy Jeebus that was her face!

Now, I have mentioned that this Supergirl was some sort of weird ass alien thing, so don’t think that they just depicted the most heinous of violent moments ever in a mainstream comic or nuthin’.  Also, don’t get your trousers in a bunch…  I am NOT a supporter of ladies getting punched or anything of the sort.  But, goddammit, look at that panel.  Imagine a 16 year old dude just reading a Superman comic and going along and getting really into it and then HOLY SHIT HER FACE JUST TURNED TO PLAY-DOH!!!!!!  This panel blew my freakin’ mind.  And then she turned into some bug-eyed purple thing:

“Wh-what happened to the pretty blonde girl? What is that? What’s going on?” asked 16 year old me.

And so we come to the end of the sixth part of The Death of Superman – mainly because you simply can’t follow the Supergirl’s-face-turned-to-goo moment with anything else, like, ever.  So, next time, we’ll be pulling out all the stops as Superman pays the ultimate price to destroy the most fearsome monster he’s ever faced in the pages of the monumental Superman #75!


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