The Gifted: Monsters

The Gifted are closing in on the end of the season, and possibly the series, with “Monsters.” There is no confirmation of the show’s status either way, and the possibility of some kind of online/streaming transition has come up a few times. As I’ve said several times, this band of mutants just can’t seem to catch a break.

The Gifted: calaMity

        Things are getting worse and worse for the good guys on “The Gifted.” They are getting near the end of the season, and so far, a new season hasn’t been confirmed.

The Gifted: meMento

    Things are not getting any better for The Gifted in “meMento.” It’s an episode with a lot of key relationships and attitudes shifting, which could have a lot of effects down the road.

The Gifted: no Mercy

        Things continue to get worse for pretty much everyone on The Gifted, as we see what it means to have “no Mercy.” The only things staying consistent this season are that the Inner Circle seem to be virtually unstoppable, and that the Mutant Underground keeps suffering losses and falling apart.