The Gifted: Monsters


It’s a dramatic moment. Let’s all look at the same nothing. 


The Gifted are closing in on the end of the season, and possibly the series, with “Monsters.” There is no confirmation of the show’s status either way, and the possibility of some kind of online/streaming transition has come up a few times. As I’ve said several times, this band of mutants just can’t seem to catch a break.

The opening flashback is set just two months ago, with John and Clarice in bed and Clarice talking about her past. She regrets her days with the Brotherhood, but back then was too scared to leave, ironic for a teleporter. She also shows a cool use of her powers, and talks about some feelings she used to get which make me think she might not be as dead as it seemed at the end of last episode. There’s also a great line about her “staying with the rest of the broken toys” that is the Underground these days.


The now scenes are continuing right from the end of last episode. Caitlin and Lauren are fleeing the cops, doing the best they can for their Morlock charges, and end up having to pull over and split up. John, grief-stricken, vents his fury on Erg. They argue, and Erg is lucky his power works the way it does. The young girl Erg rescued as he fled breaks the fight up, proving she’s smarter than both of the alleged adults. To his credit, Erg does apologize as he goes, leaving John behind to scream.


Reeva gives another speech to her gathered chosen. She’s very focused and unwavering and fanatical. She goes on in vague terms about what they’re going to do, and promises details will be furnished later. It sounds like she has a major strike planned, and Lorna expresses some doubts that are perfectly reasonable, even if she wasn’t acting as a double agent. Andy and Lauren exchange a few comments that could be interpreted a few different ways.


Reed and Marcos get their load of refugees to temporary safety. Their worry about everyone else gets worse when Lorna manages a call. She fills them in on what she knows so far, and about the death of Sage. That has to be weighing heavily on Lorna at this point, but then, so is everything else, I’d expect. Marcos tells her about the Purifier raid against the Morlocks, and Reed begs Lorna to bring Andy back to him.


Jace gets some after action reports from Officer Wilson. Wilson is all excited about hunting stragglers, but Jace has some great concerns about the whole attack. He was told he was going to be breaking up a terrorist camp, and is disturbed at the children and families he saw down there. Wilson counters with racist rhetoric of the kind that shows the person speaking has parted ways with reality. Finally, Wilson suggests the shaken Jace go back to his hotel room to “clear his head.”


Lorna arms up, small knives all over her, which is a good choice for someone with magnetic powers. Andy comes in and they have a chat about what’s coming. Andy seems to still be in the true believer camp, and Lorna’s few probing comments don’t really show any doubt on his part. Reed and Marcos go looking for John, and finally find out what’s happened. John is not really in his right mind, and the wall he’s beating on doesn’t do as well as Erg did. Marcos finally gets through to him with a combination of logic, emotional appeal, and a wise use of power. Reed has a run-in with Wilson that he almost talks his way out of, but things go badly in the end and the world is a better place by one violent racist/dirty cop.


As they evade the police, the Strucker women talk about Caitlin’s motives for splitting up with the Morlocks. Caitlin has a very cold, practical side that is coming out more and more. Arguably, her experience as a nurse might have helped shape that in her, but it’s been hardened by all they’ve been through. Lauren is shocked, but Caitlin manages to get her off the street as they break into a building. Reed, Marcos, and John get back to their apartment, and John reveals that he’s having more problems than just grief. His flashbacks to Clarice have what look like a familiar energy signature around them, also making me wonder exactly what happened to Clarice.


The Inner Circle is on the move, heading towards their targets. They are going in through tunnels under the city, gaining access through a train yard. Andy spews a few bits of train trivia and talks about a kid he knew in school. Lorna, amused, dubs him Wikki Andy. The Frosts argue fashion choices, and Andy wonders why they’ve never been to the tunnels before. Reeva is evasive, Lorna worried about typhoid, and Reeva reveals what they’ll be up to. Andy now sounds less convinced than he did earlier.


Things look grim for Caitlin and Lauren, who still can’t get her powers working. Caitlin is full of fiery determination which Lauren doesn’t quite share. John listens to the scanner for news of the others, while Marcos talks to Reed about his returning powers. They talk philosophy and purpose, and Marcos talks about his early days. The scanner gives them a hint about where the ladies might be, and Marcos convinces John to stay put.


Lorna continues to not so subtly spread doubts, this time pressing on Esme. The police are closing in on Caitlin and Lauren, gearing up with battering rams and other heavy equipment. Caitlin fires a few shots to slow them down, and the police take cover, some using riot shields. Quick note, riot shields are NOT ballistic rated and won’t stop bullets. Caitlin is down to three shots left, and comes up with a desperate plan. Lauren argues with her about it, and the emotional stress finally breaks through the drug’s suppressing effects. Turner scans conspiracy blogs, and sees something that greatly disturbs him.


John and Reed get to the scene of the Stucker standoff, and show that once again, the police in this world suck at establishing perimeters. After some debate, they come up with a plan to get inside and get the others out. Marcos gets to use a cool facet of his powers we don’t see often. Lorna is preparing to make her move, and goes to make a last appeal to Andy, telling him the truth about the tunnels. Andy is clearly conflicted.


Marcos gets them to the wall, and then decides it’s a good time to drop his darkness trick. That seems like a bad idea to me, but I guess it’s just for the cameras, because no one notices. Reed struggles to fire up his own power, which takes a while. Finally, he gets through with some help from Marcos. Inside, Lauren and Caitlin are ready to fight, which is an odd choice. Do they think the police suddenly have a wall-disintegrating gadget that matches Reed’s energy signature? They have a quick reunion on the way out, swap information on what’s been going on, and flee the scene. I like that Reed takes a moment to comment on how cool Marcos’ power is. That’s a nice, realistic moment. Lorna calls at that point, and puts Andy on with Reed. Caitlin and the others listen to one side of the conversation, and hear about Reed’s encounter with Wilson. Lauren and Caitlin are shocked, to say the least.


Back home, Caitlin and Reed gather supplies for the Morlocks. Catlin reassures Reed that he’s a good man, and he has a lot of doubts about himself and his family legacy. Caitlin, finally, sounds like her obsession with Andy returning is easing. Marcos gives John some encouraging words, and points out his tracking power probably isn’t their biggest concern in what’s to come.


Jace goes to confront Ryan about the Morlock Massacre. Ryan is dismissive, and hits Jace with the double-barreled attack of Wilson’s death and word of another attack coming. If I were Jace, I’d be wondering where Ryan was getting this information. The Underground finally get some good news, as there are several reunions, and John prepares for battle.


The episode ends with the Frosts reporting to Reeva that they’ve lost more people. Reeva wonders why she has telepaths if they can’t warn her about things like this. She then muses about why she recruited two mutants in particular, and plots her vengeance. There’s not a lot of forgiving in Reeva, which is a bad combination with her near-unstoppable, irresistible power.


What I liked: I don’t care how much emotional baggage it might generate down the road, I’m glad Wilson’s dead. He was a horrible person and really bad cop and I won’t miss him a bit. Turner is showing signs there might still be a rational person under all the grief and rage. The revelation as to why Reeva aimed Ryan and the Purifiers at the Morlocks was really clever, and showed how cold and dangerous, but smart, Reeva is. Marcos and Reed made a good team. I’m curious if John’s visions mean what I think they do.

What I didn’t: The cops are just plain generally incompetent in this world. Last season, Sentinel Services showed up seemingly within moments of any mutant incident. Now, there’s a major event in Washington DC and they don’t even put in an appearance? Andy seems to have changed his mind once again rather quickly. Reeva had a good point; there are some things the Frosts should be picking up on they are missing. Marcos can shoot lasers, not just to light shows. He could have helped Reed with that wall instead of confining himself to cheerleader.


A lot happened this episode. All things considered, I’ll give it a 3.5 out of 5. One more to go for the season, and maybe forever.