Flash: We Are The Flash

Team Flash wraps up season four with “We Are The Flash.” As is often the case with season finales, there will be spoilers here, so don’t read this if you haven’t seen it or care about spoilers. Warning delivered.

Flash: Therefore She Is

“Therefore She Is” shows us a good bit about Marlize, the Mechanic, Thinker’s wife and chief hench-woman. It jumps back and forth between their past and present, and makes a little bit more sense out of their relationship.

Flash: True Colors

The Flash is in for a bad night as we get to see several characters’ “True Colors.” Last episode ended with Barry being captured after Wolfe learned his secret. Now, he’s up for sale, along with several other familiar faces, to Amunet the Blacksmith, played delightfully insanely by the returning Katie Sackhoff.