Flash: When Harry Met Harry


This is NOT a party I want to go to

This episode of Flash parodies a comedy classic for its title with, “When Harry Met Harry.” At Jitters, the only place to eat or get coffee in Central City, Barry tries to talk to Ralph about his budding heroic career. It’s not going well, and, after they leave, they get mugged. The mugger gets exasperated with their talking and starts shooting, which reacts poorly with Ralph’s powers. Even at this point, Ralph’s attitude isn’t exactly heroic.

At the Thinker’s lab, he and his assistant, the Mechanic, debate what to do next. She’s worried that today is the first day Team Flash might discover who the Thinker really is. For his part, the Thinker seems utterly unconcerned. He’s either really good or horribly overconfident. The Mechanic finally gets frustrated and walks off.

At STAR, Cisco has fallen asleep while Caitlin and Wells continue the search for the Thinker’s real identity among so many DeVoes. Ralph is there for more low comedy as he almost triggers a major accident. When Wells mentions he’s made friends, everyone reacts dubiously. Wells gets defensive and says they told him to make friends so he did, because he completes tasks. Cisco’s power isn’t working because of all the Dark Matter, and, out of ideas, Caitlin suggests using hypnosis on Ralph to get more memories from the fateful bus ride.

Iris and Barry take Ralph to their sort of marriage counselor, Dr. Finkel. As per the comedic requirement, Ralph boasts that hypnosis won’t work on him and goes under in no time at all. Ralph gives some detail about a few of the people, including a woman in a coat with a bison on it. Ralph also proves very creepy in some of his observations, to all the women’s annoyance.

The woman from Ralph’s memory turns up outside a fence, watching a man with a briefcase. She doesn’t look like she’s in a friendly mood, and that gets verified when that same man is the victim Joe and Barry investigate the next morning. The man is very dead from ugly wounds, and, looking around, they use their experience with the impossible to figure out that somehow, the man was killed by a stone statue of a panther nearby. Joe shakes his head about how weird their lives have gotten.

Cisco tries to help Wellses get ready for his friends coming over, and gets taken aback when he finds out that the friends are various Wells from other Earths. There’s a stereotypical German philosopher in black turtleneck, a Wells-as-Hugh Hefner, and an Australian Road Warrior cyborg. They all pick on Cisco until he leaves. There’s a brief visitation by another Wells, but everyone banishes him.

Caitlin studies the statue, and there’s nothing unusual about it aside from dark matter residue. After more creepiness from Ralph, they figure out that the artefact stolen from the dead guy is one piece of a three section necklace. The team has a prototype suit for Ralph, which is effective, but ugly. Cisco is definitely not putting his usual flare into this one. For what it’s worth, it looks nothing like any of his comic book costumes, either.

The team figured out that one piece of the necklace is with a private collector. Which is where the woman turns up next, lecturing him about how what he has is stolen from other cultures, especially hers. When he gets smarmy, she demonstrates her power, animating a suit of armor. Flash and Elongated Man get there as the woman, Black Bison, runs off. Flash stops to save the collector, and Ralph complains that Barry let her get away.

The STAR team has identified Black Bison as a former professor turned activist turned radical. The video confirms for them that she can animate objects (interestingly, one of the powers Firestorm has in the comics he’s never come close to using on any of the CW shows). Ralph and Barry argue again about letting the bad guy get away vs. helping the victims.

The Wellses all argue with each other, and Cisco is annoyed at their lack of progress. Harry finally decides the whole “Council of Wells” was a bad idea and storms off. Team Flash finds out the last piece of the necklace is being moved to storage. Somehow, Black Bison knows this, too, and gets there ahead of them. Apparently her power isn’t just line of sight, which is slightly terrifying. The fight goes badly, Barry and Ralph argue again about helping people vs. letting the villain go, and Black Bison is captured after an innocent bystander gets hurt. They once again vastly overstate Ralph’s strength level.

Wells is frustrated about not being able to find the right DeVoe. He snaps that he doesn’t like the other “hims” and Cisco is amused, pointing out that Wells is essentially complaining about himself. Wells looks annoyed, and Cisco gives him a combination pep talk and good advice. The Wells finally start working together, and even the jaded Cisco is impressed.

Barry stops by Ralph’s office to check on his reluctant protégé. Ralph is worried, and guilty, and not handling it well. Barry talks to him about how to go forward as a hero. He’s very reassuring and patient, and I admit, does a lot better than I would have.

At the Central City PD, we learn both why the Pipeline is a better place to keep metas than regular holding cells, and that Bison’s power has a long reach. She manages to escape, with some help from an animated mannequin. I guess something under her control becomes a lot more powerful than normal.

The necklace pieces have all been moved to a museum, so the heroes race off. While there are Jurassic Park jokes, there aren’t any Night at the Museum references, which I would have expected. Eventually, they manage to catch Black Bison again, save a museum guard, and Ralph makes a good judgement call. Finally. Later, he also reveals he’s done something technically illegal that was the right thing. He leaves, saying he has a date, but instead of being with a woman named Sue like I hoped, he goes to see the injured young girl.

The Wellses finally manage to narrow in on the right DeVoe and the team builds a big operation to deal with him. For reasons that don’t make a lot of sense, Joe and Barry go in civilian clothes. They get a lot of surprises when they ring the doorbell, which is how the episode ends.

What I liked: Barry is a good guy, aside from being a superhero. He’s trying so hard with Ralph. The Council of Wells was an amusing sideshow. Black Bison was wrong, but made some good points in her villain rants. Barry and Joe reacting to the statue near the beginning was funny and shows how weird their life has gotten.

What I didn’t: At the risk of repeating myself, I really don’t like this take on Ralph. At all. I don’t get why Cisco keeps sitting out the action when they’re fighting bad guys. Caitlin, I get, but Cisco? I’m really not sure about Joe and Barry going into possible serious danger the way they did at the end.

It was a decent, not great, episode. I’ll give it a 3 out of 5.