Supergirl: Midvale


If the Danvers sisters had been on Smallville…

With both the Danvers sisters suffering from heartbreak, it’s time to head home to “Midvale.” So, loading up J’Onn’s blue convertible, they go on a road trip. I guess neither one has their own car? I could see that for Kara. Mother Eliza greets them both, and she and Kara have a veiled conversation about Alex that could equally apply to Kara’s present circumstances. After that, Alex is kind of a bitch to her well-intentioned sister, and the vast majority of the rest of the episode takes place ten years ago when both of the girls were in high school.

Back when, the sisters didn’t get on that well, having the various spats between both sisters and new kid/cool kid. Alex is very snarky to her adopted sister, even after standing up for her to other kids. I ended up feeling very bad for young Kara, alone, isolated, and damn near friendless. Kenny is a fellow outcast and target of both bullies and mean girls. Kara and Kenny go stargazing later, a moment of teen innocence that’s actually sweet to watch. After she gets home, she and Alex argue more.

The next morning, Kara hears about a body in the woods and does a combination sprint and series of super-leaps to find that it’s Kenny. Kara is furious at the way the kids at school react to the death, and roughs up the star quarterback/jock-jerk who was picking on him yesterday and bad-mouthing him today. Not knowing what else to do, Kara goes to Kenny’s family’s house. She promises Kenny’s mom she’ll find the telescope that’s missing, and the sheriff warns her not to meddle in a police matter.

Kara returns to the crime scene and runs into Alex there, almost cooking her sister with Heat Vision when she sneaks up on the grief-stricken Kryptonian. They talk about Kenny, his missing telescope and the laptop that was hooked up to it, and how he was helping Alex. Alex, showing her eventual calling, figures out Kenny must have gotten a picture of something he shouldn’t have. Using her senses Kara finds the laptop, and they decide they need research help, contacting “Clark’s friend Chloe,” who is into this kind of thing and has a “wall of weird.” Clearly, this is Chloe Sullivan from Smallville, making the first link back to that show if you don’t count the brief view of the Watchtower when the Legends broke time in their season finale.

The laptop proves to be a Pandora’s Box, yielding, among other things, evidence of an affair between a teacher and student. Alex confronts the student, Josie, who is a friend of hers. Josie begs Alex not to tell anyone, and then gets furious when Alex won’t promise. Ugly, painful, and distracting, but maybe not overly helpful. Alex and Kara walk home, both of them feeling picked on, and just as they start getting along, they almost get run off the road. They’d be dead off a bridge if not for Kara’s powers.

Eliza comes after the cops call her, and lectures Kara that it’s not her job to protect people. Kara gets even more shaken up when FBI Agent Noelle shows up to question her. Noelle looks a lot like Allura, Kara’s mother, and warns her to lay low and not use her powers. They argue, but Noelle is relentless. When Noelle leaves, she goes to a very familiar-looking blue car, and shapeshifts back to J’Onn’s human form of Hank Henshaw.

Later, Josie comes by and rips into Alex for not letting this go. Alex had thought it was the teacher who had tried to run them over, but during Josie’s ranting realizes it couldn’t have been. Alex tries to talk Kara into pursuing this further, but Kara says she’s going to do as she was told and just pretend to be a normal human girl. Alex, annoyed, walks off to get more help. She goes to Sheriff Collins, who has been telling her and Kara to just let the sheriff’s office handle it. She tells him about the pictures on the laptop, and gets her own “Old Man Jenkins” from Scooby Doo moment when the Sheriff pulls his gun on her.

A desperate Alex calls for help, and the sheriff tells her no one can hear her down here under the stadium. While the Sheriff rattles off his string of self-justifications for his criminal actions, which Kenny found and confronted him about, Kara finally decides playing human isn’t more important then her sister and flies off to the rescue. She knocks the sheriff cold and saves Alex, although how they managed to keep Kara’s secret, I’m not sure.

The next day, Alex and Kara find that, for their heroic efforts, they are social outcasts. But the isolation pushes them closer together and deepens their bond as sisters. Later on, Eliza brings them Kenny’s telescope, which the sheriff had and Kenny’s parents have given to the girls. Chloe sends another message, this time sharing something that Kenny knew and was keeping secret, making the girls miss him even more.

Very long flashback over, Alex wakes up and sees Kara out on the porch using Kenny’s telescope. They talk about Kenny, and what they both learned, and how everything that happened then changed their relationship. Alex and Kara patch things up, get a huge packed lunch from Eliza, and drive back to National City, not quite into the sunset.

What I liked: The casting for the young versions of Kara and Alex was fantastic. They really looked the part. It was fun seeing the younger Alex starting to work out how to do investigations. The mention of Chloe was a nice touch, and our first link to a Smallville character in the CW-verse.

What I didn’t: I’m not sure what the point of the extended flashback was, or how it worked. Neither of them were talking about the old days or looking at the telescope before they went to bed. J’Onn’s ruse as Noelle was just cruel.

It was fun look back into the Danvers sisters’ past. I’ll give it a high 3.5 out of 5.