Supergirl: Blurred Lines

              Supergirl’s fifth season continues, and I’m really not enjoying the direction of pretty much anything. There’s bad writing, weird character choices, and the characters in general just seem to be getting sent in dark directions or mis-used in general.

Supergirl: Stranger Beside Me

        I thought the season premier of Supergirl was disappointing. Honestly, I disliked and/or disagreed with almost every choice they made. The second episode was a bit better, but honestly, that bar is practically subterranean.

Supergirl: Event Horizon

    In the fifth season of Supergirl, there are a lot of changes to the show. I have to say, overall, I don’t care for the ones I’ve seen so far, or most of the ones I hear are coming. Hopefully, if nothing else, they will at least stop clubbing us over the head with modern morality plays.

Supergirl: Red Dawn

    Supergirl’s season is almost over, and there’s a lot left to wrap up. This is the second to last episode, and things are getting complicated. There’s a long overdue confrontation, an end to a subplot I haven’t liked for most of the season, and a big character shift, as well as a revelation that shakes one of the characters up.

Supergirl: American Dreamer

  This season of Supergirl has been ugly, mirroring a lot of what’s happening in current American politics. After last episode, Kara decided that Supergirl might be doing more harm than good, and has put her cape away for a while to focus on “exposing” Lex Luthor.

Supergirl: All About Eve

Things go from bad to worse in Supergirl’s “All About Eve.” Despite being in the title, Eve Tessmacher doesn’t actually show up much in the episode, although she’s certainly talked about a lot. We see some friendships mended, an ugly plan looking worse and worse, one ally resolving a crisis, and another just starting one.

Supergirl: House of L

For a while now, there’s been a duplicate of Supergirl running around in the background, getting a few scenes here and there. She’s been in Kasnia, a made up, Russia-like country that has made trouble for various DC Comics and Arrow-verse characters. In “House of L,” we get to see her story.