Agents of SHIELD: The New Deal

The Agents of SHIELD have been through a lot. Spinning out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and even having a few guest stars from the MCU, the agents have drifted further and further from the movies, and the hoped-for crossover, or at least connection, with the now defunct Marvel/Netflix shows never happened. The show itself…

Agents of SHIELD: Leap

   The end of the season is fast approaching for the Agents of SHIELD, and things are building to a head. After the stunning end of last episode, with May walking into holding and shooting Sarge over and over, everyone is at a loss.

Agents of SHIELD: Toldja

       The Agents of SHIELD are now in the back half of their season. They’ve managed to reunite Fitz and Simmons, so fifty-fifty they get split up again soon. Earth has a new threat or two, depending on how you count Sarge and his crew.

Agents of SHIELD: Inescapable

       With an ensemble show like Agents of SHIELD, there’s always a balance to be considered: plot, character development, and who gets screen time. This season, they seem to be shifting around and focusing on smaller parts of the team for scenes or even episodes. In “Inescapable,” the focus is on SHIELD’s star-crossed lovers, Fitz and Simmons.