Doom Patrol: Wax Patrol

Like many shows in 2020, the Doom Patrol had to change things around a lot due to the COVID pandemic. What was supposed to be ten episodes became nine, and there was a lot of scrambling to wrap up the season.

Doom Patrol: Tyme Patrol

The repercussions from the big reveals at the end of season one are still echoing through the team. The Doom Patrol wasn’t all that together before they learned the depths of the Chief’s betrayal, and they’re less united now.

Doom Patrol: Fun Sized Patrol

After an impressive first season, the arguably strangest superheroes in the world are back. The Doom Patrol apparently has a much shorter second season, but they’re off to a crazed and crammed start.

Doom Patrol: Flex Patrol

If there’s an odd character running around, especially if they are associated with the Doom Patrol, odds are good that Grant Morrison is involved somewhere. One of these characters is Flex Mentallo, Man of Muscle Mystery.

Doom Patrol: Donkey Patrol

      DC Universe’s Doom Patrol series set a high bar with their first episode. Fortunately, they were just as good in their second. “Donkey Patrol” has the right touch of action, absurdity, and general weirdness that fits most incarnations of the team.

Doom Patrol: Pilot

    In 1963, a team dubbed “The World’s Strangest Superheroes” made their debut. While the description of a team of people with freakish powers, protecting a world that fears them, led by a brilliant man in a wheelchair might sound familiar, the Doom Patrol actually appeared a few months before Marvel’s X-Men.

Titans: Doom Patrol

Episode four of the Titans is “Doom Patrol” and that pretty much says it all. It’s an odd choice to detour to an entirely different group so early in the first season of a new show.